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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron

The Future of SEM Education
Online advertising continues to grow in both good times and bad. That’s good news for search marketers, and highlights the ongoing importance of search education.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage

Link Building: Understand Where You Are To Know Where You’re Going
In link building, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up someplace else.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Google vs. Yahoo on Paid Links
Google created a firestorm in the industry with its Paid Links directive. So where does Yahoo stand in the Paid Links debate?
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

What’s Wrong With Being Cuil?
Cuil may be a good search engine…someday. But launching it as a “Google-killer” was a mistake. What have we learned today? First, make sure it works before you launch it. Second, make sure you can live up to your claims or you’ll suffer the consequences.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Microsoft Adds Image Hotspots to Live Search Design
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 31, 2008

Microsoft has launched a new concept for Live Search. Now, when you visit the search engine, you’ll see a background image with “hotspots.” Hotspots are small boxes that highlight a portion of the image. You can rollover them with your mouse to find out what is being highlighted, and click …
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Is SEO the Real Google Killer?
Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 31, 2008

This morning the Guardian UK published a scathing analysis of Google, SEO and the launch of Cuil. In his article, Chris Williams claimed that the greatest threat to Google is spam. No argument there. But Williams takes the argument one step further and states: Plenty of digital ink has been needlessly …
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JupiterResearch Acquired by Forrester for $23 Million
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 31, 2008

After being owner-less for a little over a year, JupiterResearch has been acquired by Forrester Research for $23 million. Previously, JupiterResearch had been sold by Jupitermedia to Kagan Research, but then Kagan got acquired by financial business intelligence firm SNL Financial. “We are very excited to be joining the Forrester brand, …
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Yuil Is Dead – Long Live Yuil
Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 31, 2008

Today TechCrunch reported on the birth of a new search engine: Yuil. Now Yuil is dead. Yuil (pronounced yule) was a short-lived Yahoo-powered mashup designed to look like Cuil. Apparently the Yahoo Boss mashup — something of a search engine Frankenstein monster — was destroyed by its inventor. Yuil was designed by …
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Google Opens Up About Customized Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 31, 2008

Google is helping its users understand what’s behind customized, or personalized, results (as opposed to Google Custom Search). They’re rolling out a new feature that explains why results may be tailored to a particular user. The feature will be rolled out over the next few days. When it does, you’ll …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

How many SEOs… Jul 31, 2008
How many SEOs do you guys think are doing well enough with their own sites that they could ditch any consulting/company work and make a decent income simply by SEOing their own sites? Reading SEO blogs every now and then I often read how bad consulting and company work sucks …
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301 Redirect advice needed Jul 31, 2008
I’ve set up 301 redirects for new pages but the Google site map contains the new pages not the old ones so am I likely to end up with the same page indexed twice? E.g. page1.html redirects to page1.asp and the site map contains page1.asp and does not contain page1.html What …
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whts the difference between “link:” and “link:(space)” Jul 31, 2008
i got this question when i tried to search for one of my domain, i searched in google search box that “link:domain(.)com”, i got 5 backlinks, but when i searched “link:”space”domain(.)com i got 15 backlinks, whts difference between these two method.
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