A Gaggle of Search Engine Toolbars

Wrapping up search engine toolbar week, here’s are brief looks at toolbars offered by smaller firms not associated with the larger search engines (with the exception of the Ask Jeeves toolbar).

All of the toolbars listed below are Windows-only products. Most require Windows 98 or higher, and Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. One exception — the Macintosh SearchGoogle.service tool, which is a Mac-only toolbar.

This roundup covers toolbars that are new to Search Engine Watch. For reviews of other toolbars, including offerings from Alexa, Google, Googlebar, Groowe, Teoma, Ultrabar and Yahoo, please see the Search Toolbars & Utilities page.

Ask Jeeves Toolbar

In addition to searching ask.com, the Jeeves toolbar lets you limit your search to news, dictionary, stock market, weather, events, maps, and the Ask Jeeves Kids web sites.

CNET SearchBar

This customizable toolbar is made exclusively for searching on CNET sites including download.com, news.com, search.com and shopper.com for technology news, and as a shopping search tool for products from anywhere on the Web.


GGSearch is designed to provide toolbar access to the many specialized searches offered by Google, including Google groups posts, images, links, Uncle Sam, linux, news, BSD, Microsoft, Google answers, stocks, froogle, some Google labs tools, and others.


This simple utility allows you to highlight any word or words on a web page, then click to do a Google search, or to get dictionary or thesaurus definitions. Fast 100K download.

Macintosh SearchGoogle.service

A simple background service to allow you to select text in (nearly) any application and press “Shift-Apple->” to launch a Google search for that text.

Trellian SEO Toolbar

The Trellian toolbar allows you to search multiple engines, returning up to nine result pages for each engine. It also offers some web site development and search engine optimization tools, such as a PPC search tab that provides easy search of the major pay per click engines.

Here are two search tools that we plan to review at length in an upcoming issue of SearchDay that merit a brief mention:

Copernic Agent

Copernic Agent Basic searches more than 90 search engines grouped into categories, combining results and removing duplicates. The basic version is free; Copernic offers two other more powerful versions for purchase.

Rocketinfo Desktop

Looking for news? Rocketinfo Desktop gives you fast access to categorized online news sources, RSS feed, breaking news by category, updated every five minutes, and more. Downside? After the 14 day trial, you have to pay $69 or give up the tool. It’s also a large 11MB download.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Police probe domain renewal firm
vnunet.com Jun 26 2003 10:52AM GMT
Open Text Builds Out Livelink Suite with Portal
CanadaIT.com Jun 26 2003 5:27AM GMT
Record industry to ‘find and sue’ internet file-swappers
Independent Jun 26 2003 1:30AM GMT
Harry Potter and the ‘Napsterisation’ of books
ZDNet Jun 26 2003 0:30AM GMT
Yahoo brings music service to Europe
CNET Jun 25 2003 5:56PM GMT
Verity shares fall 26 pct on weak outlook
Reuters Jun 25 2003 5:00PM GMT
Libel ruling favors site operators
ZDNet Jun 25 2003 12:13PM GMT
The net address shortage rumour
Silicon.com Jun 25 2003 12:12PM GMT
Microsoft, Google may go head-to-head
CNET Jun 25 2003 11:04AM GMT
Yahoo unveils plans to be ‘MTV of the web’
Guardian Unlimited Jun 25 2003 11:00AM GMT
Survey: New privacy laws needed to protect Internet consumers
SiliconValley.com Jun 25 2003 8:34AM GMT
Michelangelo masterpiece goes online
Daily Mail & Guardian Jun 25 2003 5:35AM GMT
Web privacy policies confuse Net surfers
CNET Jun 25 2003 5:00AM GMT
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