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SEW Expert - Liana Evans Liana
What Are Your Social Media Goals?
Most companies are reluctant to enter the social media space because the ROI is a tough nut to crack. Your social media goals will be strikingly different than an SEO or PPC strategy.
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SEW Expert - Ron Jones Ron
Video Search 101, Part 2
Last time, we looked at keyword research, tips on video production, and landing pages for video search. Today, we’ll look at distribution and keyword placement and tracking/analytics.
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SEW Expert - Joshua Palau Joshua
Checking in on 2009 Search Shifts & Predictions
In the online world, we tend to make predictions and never really look back. Today, we’ll buck that trend and look at some of this year’s predictions, five months later.
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Submit Your Entries for the 2009 Search Engine Watch Awards
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jun 8, 2009

Since 1997, Search Engine Watch (SEW) has been keeping marketers and site owners informed about the world of search engine marketing through daily news and expert advice. Combined with Search Engine Strategies (SES), the leading international conference series, SEW and SES have guided search marketers of all skill levels through …
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SES Toronto 2009 Kicks Off Today in Canada
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jun 8, 2009

The largest search engine marketing conference and expo in Canada kicks off today at the Sheraton Centre Toronto. And Search Engine Strategies (SES) Toronto 2009 marked the occasion by announcing the addition of Express Site Clinics in the Expo Hall, which will be taught by Shari Thurow, Jennifer Slegg …
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Half of Canadian Web Searches Contain Just 1-2 Words
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 8, 2009

If brevity is the soul of wit, then Canadian web searchers are hilarious. According to new statistics by Hitwise, about half of Canadian internet searches are kept to just 1-2 words. As you can see by the chart below, Americans are the most wordy, while Brits keep it short and …
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Twitter to Launch Verified Accounts to Help Prevent Impersonation
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 8, 2009

When public figures and celebrities have people pretending to be them, the self-important get all bent out of shape. Twitter has been ripe for impersonations, despite the ban of such accounts via the Twitter Terms of Service. While Twitter is aggressive in suspending fake accounts, I would argue most people …
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Former Google Recruiter Confesses Hiring Restrictions, While Yahoo! Aggressively Recruits
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 8, 2009

Yesterday, we reported on a new antitrust investigation targeting Silicon Valley tech companies regarding possible agreements to not hire away each other’s talent. Now, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting that a former Google recruiter is fessing up to having a ‘Do Not Touch’ list of companies they were …
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Facebook Launches New Payment Terms; Begins Phasing Out Regional Networks
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jun 8, 2009

Facebook has launched new Payment Terms to cover purchases made on the social network. Purchases are made to purchase items in the Facebook Gift Shop as well as advertising on Facebook. The Facebook site itself, of course, is free. The major change in the Payment Terms is the consolidation of payments …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Wowd and Yebol, two new products in search Jun 8, 2009
Following Bing and G Squared there are other two new products Ôï¿Â½Wowd and YebolÔï¿Â½ that tries to stand out unique and cover the market. Waiting to hear more about it soon 🙂 Best,
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Need Help – website localization Jun 8, 2009
I am going to build and optimize a Swedish website and will localize it for Sweden. Can anybody help me to define a strategy for SEO of this website. Basically I would want to know that do I need to do link building in Swedish language only or English will do to …
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A suggestion for the forums Jun 7, 2009
On another SEO forum that I visit regularly, they’re using a “today’s topics” section. You click on it and see all the topics of the day listed. I love that feature, because it minimizes the time I have to look around to see what threads/posts to check out and if …
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Web Hosting Penalty? Unlimited Domain Help! Jun 7, 2009
Hi, Does the search engines penalize you if you have about 5 websites hosted under an unlimited account or reseller account? In other words I have 3 sites now, adding 2 more soon, I want to have an unlimited hosting plan that allows unlimited domains. Will google and …
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