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How to Approach a Company About their SEO?
Cre8asite Forums

“It’s time to trot out my favorite Peter Drucker quote again, ‘Help is defined by the recipient’… I’ve never had any luck in telling companies even about the most damaging problems with their websites.”

Google Confirms Mid-Page “See Results For” Section No Longer A Test; Suggest A Name!
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Those funky ‘See Results For’ links in the middle of Google search results are now a permanent feature. Like them? Got a name for them?”

Should SEO Be Part of Journalism 101?
Small Business Ideas Forum

“…in a world that increasingly turns to the Internet and search engines to search for news coverage, newspapers can no longer afford to ignore search engine friendly tactics like keywords in story headlines and text.”

AdWords Editor (Beta)
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Thoughts and experiences on Google’s new AdWords Editor software.”

Hidden Links On Colgate-Palmolive Site
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Colgate-Palmolive products freshen your breath, clean your skin and, um, hide links from search engines. Another big brand gets attention for going outside search engine guidelines. Another debate erupts.”

Question On Tracking Conversion Rates
High Rankings Forum

“I think in the long run it’s more valuable to know that your traffic is up or down X% when compared to yesterday/last month/last year/whatever, or that of the people you can measure, X% of them clicked on Link A on your page while Y% of them clicked on Link B. In the end, you’re going to get more actionable information from that than from simply ‘knowing’ that a particular page of your site got ‘so many’ visitors today.”

Google Algo Moving Towards Site Traffic Patterns
Webmaster World

“We have been talking about the Google Toolbar data set for years and how it could possibly make a major impact on Google’s search listings. More and more people are beginning to believe that Google is – and has been as far back as the Florida Update – using toolbar generated site traffic patterns to influence search listings.”

Google Buys Search Algorithm Invented by Israeli Student
Webmaster World

“The importance of related words is something I see as the future — algorithms using the entire semantic ecology of the online neighborhood where the page lives.”

Social Book Marking
High Rankings Forum

“So each social bookmark is an opportunity for some unknown number of people to discover the site via the recommendation of someone they trust. That won’t raise your rankings, but those who blog about you will, and all of it functions to expand your audience within your targeted niche and some tangential ones.”

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Branding, Search And The Definition of Engagement
Media Post Apr 13 2006 8:53PM GMT
Web Analytics Professionals Come Together at Omniture Summit 2006
Promotion World Apr 13 2006 7:45PM GMT
Think Partnership Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire, a Leading Blog Search Engine
Promotion World Apr 13 2006 7:45PM GMT
Webjay creates new copyright woes for Yahoo
InfoWorld Apr 13 2006 4:42PM GMT
Google officially opens Beijing research lab
InfoWorld Apr 13 2006 4:37PM GMT
Intel, Baidu agree to develop net search services
Reuters Apr 13 2006 3:10PM GMT
The Score: Charting Map Site Traffic
iMedia Connection Apr 13 2006 1:50PM GMT
Helio to offer Yahoo services to mobile users
CNET Apr 13 2006 8:32AM GMT
Local, Video Trends Merge in Start-Up TurnHere
ClickZ Today Apr 13 2006 6:26AM GMT
Yahoo Travel, FareChase, and APIs
Search Engine Journal Apr 13 2006 3:06AM GMT
It’s all in a name as Google is dogged by ‘hound’ tag in China
The Times Apr 13 2006 1:59AM GMT
Google shareholder asking company to end its two classes of stock
San Jose Mercury News reg Apr 13 2006 1:27AM GMT
Publishers Vie with Google, Yahoo
Red Herring Apr 13 2006 12:55AM GMT
Yahoo pressured over China cooperation
ZDNet Apr 13 2006 12:29AM GMT

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