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Open Letter to Google Regarding Changes to The Ad Words Program
Webmaster World

“The smart thing would have been to come to the community months ago and said hey we are thinking about some major changes, these are how these changes are going to affect you, and here is what you can do to bring your landing pages up to snuff. That way your business partners would not be left holding the bag when they are hit with overnight radical price increases, and are forced to seek immediate answers from your employees who have also been left in the dark, and have no useful information to provide your customers.”

Is sIFR Safe?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I don’t think the search engines would frown on this, as technically, you’re not cloaking. You’re instead showing search engines text in HTML format and visitors the same text in nice, pretty Flash format. You could certainly abuse it easily, but if used as intended, it should be perfectly fine.”

Google’s Supplemental Results: What’s So Bad?
High Rankings Forum

“I’m really, truly, genuinely curious about why people get so upset when their pages ‘go Supplemental.’ What’s your beef?”

Analytics Analysis For Search Marketers
Small Business Ideas Forum

“How do you specifically go about the task of testing two home/landing page designs simultaneously using Google analytics or ClickTracks? I hear the term A/B testing and multivariant testing being tossed around. Can someone give a remedial definition/procedure?”

Google: More 301 Woes About www And No-www
Webmaster World

“After nearly a year of waiting for Google to follow and correct the non-www via a 301 redirect, the only result I had seen was that ALL my pages disappeared from the index.”

Google Webmaster Guidelines: Do as I say and not as I do?
V7N Forum

“…the only reason you won’t find AdSense search on my site is because it doesn’t validate. After spending the time getting my own code to validate and listing it as a benefit of having me develop a site for someone it didn’t seem right to throw in some code that doesn’t validate.”

MySpace – Highest Traffic Site on Web
Webmaster World

“Online teen hangout ranked as the No. 1 U.S. Web site last week, displacing Yahoo Inc.’s top-rated email gateway and Google Inc.’s search site, Internet tracking firm Hitwise said on Tuesday.”

Google Search Finds Widespread Malicious Code
Webmaster World

“Security experts have found thousands of worms, trojans and malicious files all over the internet, by using the Google search engine.”

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