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Search Engine Watch Expert - David Szetela
Google Mobile Advertising on the Content Network
» CONTENT ADVERTISING: Learn key differences between search and contextual ad campaigns
Creating a mobile ad campaign that displays banner ads on Google’s mobile content network can be ideal for businesses that rely on phone calls to start or close a sale. And it won’t require mobile Web site design, because clicks on the ad will be directed to a Google-supplied mobile-friendly page describing your business.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Chris Boggs
SEO Baseline: U.S. Presidential Election 2008
» SEM CROSSFIRE: Two industry veterans provide their insights on the hottest topics in SEM
Now that the Democrats have finally picked Barack Obama to run against Republican John McCain in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, it’s a good time to examine the two candidates’ Web sites from a SEO perspective.
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Fionn Downhill
Agency Leadership — Imparting Your Vision
» BUSINESS OF SEARCH: Winning business strategies to build a search engine marketing agency
Your search marketing journey may have begun with an interest and knowledge of search engines. If the entrepreneurial spirit was strong enough, your workload increased, and you decided to hire an individual or a team to help you. Now you’re a business owner, and a whole host of challenges awaits. You’re no longer a search marketer — you’re a leader!
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Michael Boland
The 3G iPhone: Good Things Come in Threes
» VERTICAL SEARCH: Expert advice on search marketing in vertical markets
Social media has been positioned by many as a killer app for mobile, along with local search. The combination of all three — mobile, local, and social — makes sense, as they go hand in hand in lots of situations. The new 3G iPhone could introduce entirely new ways to think about mobile, and a whole new batch of mobile products built on them.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Q&A Interview with Google’s Matt Cutts
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Eric Enge recently sat down with Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web Spam team for those who don’t know. He offered up a bunch of link building tips and advice, but they were all directed around a central theme: Voluntary, editorial, and informed links will stand the test of time.
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Icahn Goes Soft on Yahoo-Google Deal, Investor Urges Combo Board
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Carl Icahn has gone soft in the wake of the Yahoo-Google deal, telling Reuters that the deal “might have some merit.” Icahn hasn’t made any actions (such as withdrawing his proxy board) or written any more letters.
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Google Dominates Mobile Search Market Share in Q1 2008
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Continuing its dominance in search, Google saw 61% of mobile searches in the first quarter of 2008, according to data released by Nielsen Mobile. Yahoo came in second at 18%, while MSN lagged behind at third with 5%.
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Live Search Cashback Now Available for ebay “But It Now” Products
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Microsoft recently announced its Live Search Cashback program which rewards those who make purchases as a result of Live Search ads with cash rebates. Now, eBay is part of the program, but in a more streamlined way.
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Google’s Related Searches Fresher Than Ever
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Google recently improved its algorithms to process new information faster, and one result is fresher suggestions for queries on current topics of interest.
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Two dozen search blogs buzzing about SEM conference
Posted by Greg Jarboe
the buzz in Canada has been louder this year than the one coming from the periodical cicadas that emerge every 17 years from underground haunts on Cape Cod.
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Jerry Yang Opens Up About Google Deal, Keeping Yahoo Independent
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Yang justified the deal by saying the move is part of Yahoo!’s open strategy.
» Continue reading… Beats Google in News Video Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson
A year after launching a comprehensive search offering, beat out Google when it comes to searching for news, according to a survey conducted by ROI Research for DoubleClick.
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Yahoo-Google Deal Could Face Antitrust Scrutiny
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Senator: “This collaboration between two technology giants and direct competitors for Internet advertising and search services raises important competition concerns.”
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Yahoo, Google Collaborate on Search Ads. Apocalypse Expected Soon.
Posted by Kevin Newcomb
In what must be one of the seven signs of the apocalypse, Yahoo has agreed to outsource a portion of its search ad inventory to Google, and potentially to other providers in the future.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

The Barebones Basics of SEO Services
Posted by Marcia
There are a lot of “theories” going around, but what are the fundamental basics of SEO that every site owner has to look at?
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SES Toronto Parties
Posted by Becky Ryan
As promised, Search Engine Strategies Toronto’s parties are being planned and I want to start sharing what SES Toronto has so far.
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Determining Site-user Profiles
Posted by jimbeetle
The big boys have been getting increasingly sophisticated, now able to track people all across the ‘Net and pull in demo and other info from different sources.
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