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AdWords Monitoring
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Never over-steer the car. One off day is no big deal. Try to collect data so you can plot trend lines, then when a shift happens you can determine if it is short or long term; and if the cause is your campaigns, the marketplace, or click fraud. Then you can take the proper action.”

Life Without the Little Green Bar
Cre8asite Forums
“If Google were to stop offering the PageRank toolbar, would it change how you do business? To go a next step, what handy measurements and measurers would you like to see in a first-step quality gauge?”

Help With Starting
High Rankings Forum
“SEOing is just info overload to me personally – you could talk about everything under the sun, it is just way to much… What are the core facts and focuses I need to stay on to achieve ranking under my keywords?”

Outsourcing PPC Campaigns
Search Engine Watch Forums
“We have a vendor doing our PPC campaigns, and I want to check with you guys to see what is reasonable. We are in the beginning of our relationship, but I am getting cold feet for several reasons.”

So, Meta Tags Are Dead?
Cre8asite Forums
“I can accept that there is no ‘hard and fast’ for SEO… but I expected at least some ‘known and quantifiable’ information. Instead, it seems that a large part of SEO is based on guess work.”

Matt Cutts Blesses Nofollow on Internal Links
High Rankings Forum
“And another SEO myth is born.”

New to – A Little Help
Search Engine Watch Forums
“I have used AdWords, and I know it very well, however is a completely new world to me.”

SOC – Source Ordered Content
Webmaster World
“I’ve seen nothing but great results with source ordered content. The first good thing is never seeing a stupid set of menu labels being shown as a snippet in the search results!”

How to Ask Customers for Help
Search Engine Watch Forums
“What is the best way to get all of our satisfied customers work for us to improve our search positioning?”

Ad Scheduling Effect on Quality Score
Webmaster World
“Late night clicks have a lower conversion rate in my industry, so I use the advanced mode scheduling to substantially reduce my bids during those hours. But I wonder if the reduced bids at night jack my quality score and cost me during the day?”

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Nielsen Finds High Audience Retention And Overlap For Search Engines

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