An Olympic Selection of Search Resources

The 2004 Summer Olympics are underway in Athens and the web is home to plenty of information that makes watching the games even more interesting.

With the help of Shirl Kennedy I’ve prepared a small collection of “fast fact” resources with direct links (one or two clicks) to web pages and a few databases that could help answer some of the questions you might have during the games.

Most of the links have been mined from official web sites.

The collection includes databases of athletes and results (past and present), a dictionary of Olympic terms, and several interesting timelines.

If you’re looking for more, we highly recommend the excellent Librarians’ Index to the Internet Olympics Collection.

Enjoy the games!

General Information
Official Competition Schedule
Guide to Competition Venues
Interesting Olympic Facts
2004 Olympic Firsts
Olympic Medal Winner Database
Dictionary of Olympic Lexicon
Olympic Symbols

Media Guides
Mediainfo2004 – Official Media Services for the Olympic Games
2004 Olympic Games Media Guide from the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC)
Multimedia Gallery (via IOC)
Official Olympic Village Newspaper

Biographical Information from the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

The Olympic Games Timeline (IOC)
Olympics Timeline from Ancient Greece to the Present Day (Infoplease)
Games Chronology (USOC)

Common Terms (via USADA)
Prohibited Drug List (via WADA)
IOC Anti-Doping Rules (via WADA)
Athletes Guide (via WADA)

Other Useful Links
Archeology’s Ancient Olympics Guide
Events of the Ancient Olympics
Greece: Threat of Terrorism and Security at the Olympics (CRS Report, updated 7/9/04; PDF, 44 KB)
International Association of Athletic Federations
Satellite Images of Selected Venues
Sport Science Meets the Olympics

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Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Internet Users Rely On Search, And Get Results, Study Finds
Media Post Aug 16 2004 1:10PM GMT
Records of UK war heroes made available online
BBC Aug 16 2004 12:37PM GMT
Google may lose out on Gmail
ZDNet Aug 16 2004 12:12PM GMT
Seeking a fuller search engine
San Francisco Chronicle Aug 16 2004 10:28AM GMT
Search engines: ‘More than 100 million satisfied customers’
Netimperative Aug 16 2004 9:49AM GMT
Internet Users: A Day in the Life, Part 2
eMarketer Aug 16 2004 6:07AM GMT
Web users get pickier; search engines adapt
Puget Sound Business Journal Aug 16 2004 5:05AM GMT
When Search Engines Become Answer Engines (August 16, 2004)
Alertbox Aug 16 2004 2:16AM GMT
Why Won’t Local Search Carry Its Weight?
ClickZ Today Aug 16 2004 2:08AM GMT
Search Engine Friendly or Search Friendly?
ClickZ Today Aug 16 2004 2:07AM GMT
Feedster Preps Paid RSS Links as Ads Expand
eWeek Aug 15 2004 9:10PM GMT
Blinkx: Desktop, web search tool
The Hindu Aug 15 2004 8:37PM GMT
‘Metro’ Blogs Detail Life Inside Cities
Daily Press Aug 15 2004 6:02AM GMT
Googlers: Some Ads Evil, Some OK
ClickZ Today Aug 13 2004 11:29PM GMT
Yahoo News and Google News Now Reach More Than 27 Million Americans a Month
WebProNews Aug 13 2004 5:11PM GMT

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