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NY Times Agrees to Buy
Webmaster World

“The New York Times Co. has agreed to buy from Primedia Inc. in an all-cash deal valued at about $410 million.”

Quantity of Inbound Links the Only Linking Factor Search Engines Use?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“My guesstimation is that, as time goes by, linking will be an even more important factor in many SERPs [search engine results pages”, and that this importance will be derived from new factors being added to the straight Link Pop and PageRank of SERPs from yesteryear.”

New Google Toolbar Feature Rekindles the Anti-SmartTag Debate
Webmaster World

“Not sure what Google’s intent is with this, but the end result will no doubt be monetization. That is, if they get away with it and not enough people cry foul. So…. ‘FOUL'”

“Hire” the Right Clients
Cre8asite Forums

“If you work with people that you do not like, then you damage your own self esteem. It is better to eat bread bought with money you enjoyed earning, than eat cake bought with money you did not.”

Keyword Themes and Google
High Rankings Forum

“Does a site with only a few pages stand a chance in showing up in the top ten if there is a high PR [PageRank”, a lot of high-quality backlinks, and decent optimization but it has many less pages than top ranking Web sites are all huge portal/content sites?”

Why Search Engine Marketing Has A Passion for Web Site Usability
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Usability isn’t just ease of use. It’s the whole user experience. A persuasive design anticipates users needs, and provides responses to those needs, and helps search engines deliver relevant answers to people’s questions.”

MSN Optimisation
Best Practices Forums

“I was just curious if it was likely that IIS sites were being given a slight edge by some sort of IIS indexing extension.”

Tripping the Duplicate Content Filter
Cre8asite Forum

“…I noticed a couple of days ago that the front page of the blog no longer appears for that search, and seems to have been replaced by a bloglines display feed of the page, which shows the first 255 characters of each of the last twenty entries.”

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New York Times to buy Feb 17 2005 10:42PM GMT
Yahoo in talks on stake in online unit Indiatimes
Financial Times Feb 17 2005 10:40PM GMT
Celebrity site serves content to Ask Jeeves Feb 17 2005 10:34PM GMT
UK SEM Group Gears Up for Elections
Clickz Feb 17 2005 10:28PM GMT
Google adds Zeitgeist abroad
CNET Feb 17 2005 5:35PM GMT
Google AdWords results to appear on AOL
Forbes Feb 17 2005 4:13PM GMT
Is It the Return of Northern Light?
ResearchBuzz Feb 17 2005 3:34PM GMT
Listen to White House Recordings Online at
ResourceShelf Feb 17 2005 3:16PM GMT
Consumers Search Before Buying Online
ClickZ Today Feb 17 2005 3:13PM GMT
Three Minutes: Fired Google Blogger
PC World Feb 17 2005 3:12PM GMT
Study: Half of Gmail Switchers from Hotmail
BetaNews Feb 17 2005 3:11PM GMT
Yahoo, MSN Bring More Marketers To Online Video
AdWeek Feb 17 2005 3:10PM GMT
MyDoom variant goes Googling
ZDNet Feb 17 2005 3:10PM GMT
24/7 signs up for Google Adwords API
Netimperative Feb 17 2005 3:09PM GMT
Comparison shopping startup IM2 bags $8M Feb 17 2005 3:04PM GMT

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