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Cloaking for Religious Reasons
Search Engine Roundtable Forums
“I have friends who shut down their ecommerce website every Friday afternoon to Saturday night for religious reasons. As orthodox Jews they are forbidden to transact any business on the Sabbath. They don’t just disable the ecommerce piece on the shopping cart. The entire website shuts down. Similar to a butcher who hangs a sign on his store, ‘Out to Lunch.’ I know of one other ecommerce site that does this also. So, these guys asked me if shutting down their site hurts their SEO efforts. Like, if the Google spider comes to the site, and it is shutdown, does it hurt them.”

Is Link-bait Ruining The Web?
Cre8asite Forums
“At first glance, the content seems informational, educational, or perhaps it’s just entertaining. However, that’s usually not the case: the content was only created to cause a temporary stir, a short sensation, a short-term mass of links, a short-term rise in popularity; perhaps in the hope of building a medium- or long-term reputation.”

New PPC Program for
Webmaster World
“Clickriver Ads is an advertising program – currently in beta – that allows businesses to place sponsored links on, next to search results and on product detail pages…. It’s a closed beta at the moment. Applications accepted.”

Something New In Alexa
V7N Forum
“Alexa has a new look for their website rankings page, with more options as far as data display is concerned. The option is now given to graph data down to last 7 days, with the ability to ‘smooth’ the graph as well.”

Yahoo To Test Image Advertising On Mobile Phones
Webmaster World
“Yahoo Inc. is to begin delivering graphical ads to mobile phones as part of a test of how it can extend corporate brand marketing on the Web into the wireless market, the company said on Monday.”

Traffic That Clicks!
Webmaster World
“Traffic doesn’t always mean money. That’s why it’s important to think about cultivating traffic that clicks.”

Content Network Advertisers Page Quality Update
Search Engine Watch Forums
“It looks like the party may be coming to an end for the poor quality and deceptive pages that proliferate on the content network, causing some publishers to have to add to their filtered site lists almost daily.”

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates
High Rankings Forum
“I am looking for authoritative sources for estimating a range of cart abandonment that might be considered acceptable for retail sites dealing in sports clothing and active outdoor gear.”

Minus Thirty Penalty
High Rankings Forum
“It could be a case that if you are ranking well in a competitive SERP [search engine results page” and don’t quite cut the mustard content wise then you get a little mark against you from the eval team and..kaput, you are dead in the water, holed below the water line, engines flooded, cut adrift with the flotsam and jetsam.”

The Reality Of SEO
High Rankings Forum
“…using white hat methods only…what is the absolute fastest method of gaining qualified traffic to your site that will result in a high conversion rate?”

Has PPC Bot the Farm?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“An interesting WIRED article raises concerns over ever-increasing click fraud and harmful bot activity that may threaten the future of pay per click [PPC” advertising.”

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