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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank
Could Social Media Be the Google Killer?
Much discussion has been made of where the David to the Google Goliath will come from. The ongoing growth of social media may indicate that we should look beyond a Yahoo-Microsoft merger and other algorithmic-based search engines and explore the possibility of search becoming less important.
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SEW Expert - Gregg Stewart Gregg
Getting to Know Local SEO
Local SEO is a must for businesses that sell products locally to a specified geographical area. The channels consumers are using to search are changing. Is your marketing strategy adapting?
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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien
Link Marketing: What Google Can Teach You
Google’s success story has many important lessons about link marketing. By studying how Google has successfully built their business, you can learn how to build links to your site.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik
5 Million Users Hate the New Facebook? No Problem
Facebookers are annoyed that their beloved social network implemented a new design. But will their annoyance outweigh the value they get from using the product? Will Facebook’s brand be damaged, or emerge stronger than ever?
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Google Searches at 63% of the Search Market for August 2008
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 19, 2008

comScore has released their search market data for August 2008. Google saw 63% of the 11.7 billion core searches conducted in the U.S. during the late summer month. The number of core searches barely changed from July to August, so Google’s 1.1% rise over July 2008 certainly stole a little …
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adCenter Introduces Dynamic Text Insertion
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 19, 2008

Microsoft’s adCenter is introducing Dynamic Text Insertion into its offering. Similar to using {keyword} insertion, Dynamic Text Insertion works by using these placeholders: placeholders {param1}, {param2} and {param3}. adCenter gave four tips on how it works: If submitting keywords via a spreadsheet â”” Dynamic Text should be placed in the â””Dynamic Text {param2}â”” …
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FriendFeed Adds Duplicate Detection! And Twitter Tweaks Interface Design
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 19, 2008

Social sites FriendFeed and Twitter have (separately) updated the designs of their interfaces. You won’t notice much by going to the homepage not logged in. But once you’re passed the wall, you’ll notice a few changes. Twitter’s are largely cosmetic in nature, with the biggest change being moving the tabs for Replies, …
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Axciom Unveils New Online Advertising Targeting Tool
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 19, 2008

At the OMMA Conference in New York this week, Axciom is unveiling their new online advertising targeting tool. Dubbed Relevance-X┢ LifeStage, the tool was designed to help interactive marketers identify audiences based on life stage. Once the identification has taken place, advertisers can make a single media buy to reach …
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Street View and Walking Directions Added to Google Maps for Mobile
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 18, 2008

Google has added Street View and walking directions to its mobile maps. This will be especially useful for those of you lucky enough to live in a walkable city. To explain the usefulness of this update, Google made a video on just one of the many ways Street View and walking …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Google to go ahead with Yahoo AdWords Sep 18, 2008
Interesting article where Google says they plan to go ahead with the Yahoo AdWords deal by Oct. 11th regardless of a pending antitrust review.
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Added unique content and PR drops Sep 18, 2008
Recently I added about 28 pages of unique content, text intensive, to a 15 page site that’s been going for a couple years. It was PR4 and right after adding these pages it drops to PR3. Site has decent mapping/internal links. Why is this?
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302 Redirect URL showing up as our Primary URL in Google SERPs Sep 16, 2008
Ok, so I think this is an old issue resurfacing it’s ugly head. We have an old URL, ( that 302 redirects to our new site, ( In the last two weeks, when you search the KW “New Site,” guess what shows up? You guessed it, title and description of …
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