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Search Engine Watch Expert - David Szetela
Google AdWords Editor a Great Tool for Content — and for Yahoo/Microsoft!
» CONTENT ADVERTISING: Learn key differences between search and contextual ad campaigns
Time is money, and these two tips will free up many moneymaking hours for you. See how Google has created a tool that will increase ad revenue for itself, but for Yahoo and Microsoft as well.
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Google “Friend Connect” to Make Advanced Social Features Easily Available
Posted by Marty Weintraub
Google’s Friend Connect bridges the programming gap by offering standardized tools to facilitate “richer social experiences” to mid and small size publishers. But what are the benefits to the average site owner?
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Search Engine Marketing Training at SES Toronto
Posted by Greg Jarboe
Why would you want to take a search engine marketing training class or two — independently or in addition to registering for the SES Toronto? There are three key reasons.
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Google’s Friend Connect: Add Social Networking to Your Site
Posted by Nathania Johnson
After Google’s Campfire One event tonight, website owners will be able to utilize Friend Connect. Basically, it’s social applications for the coding-challenged.
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Google on Spam: Best 10 Minute SEO Video Ever Made
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Matt Cutts is the world’s most famous spam killer, with more kills to his name than any other search engine spam cop.
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Get Alerted to SERP Changes Via Twitter
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Twitter has been breaking all sorts of news lately, from weather events to earthquakes. Now, it’s becoming a great source for finding out about possible search engine updates.
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Social Networking on Mobile Phones is Hot in the UK
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Almost half of UK mobile phone subscribers belong to an online social network. Of this group, one in four use their mobile phone for social networking-related activities.
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Powerset Launches Piggybackipedia: Wikipedia Search Engine
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Powerset is the much-hyped beta natural language search engine that the metaphor-challenged mainstream media call the Google Killer.
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PPC Advice, Podcast Style
Posted by Kevin Newcomb
If you’re interested in pay-per-click marketing, you’ve no doubt checked out our Content Advertising column by SEW Expert David Szetela, founder and CEO of Clix Marketing. If you’re looking for more advice from David, you can find it via his brand-spanking-new podcast airing on beginning today, “PPC Rockstars.”
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Avoid Extreme Makeovers During the Optimization Process
Posted by Nathania Johnson
From title tags to keyword selection and density to link building, sometimes an SEO may feel the pull to change it all in the hopes of getting a quick return. But making a bunch of changes all at once is not a prudent process.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Confused About SEO Advice
Posted by danielwayne34
I have done alot of reading this weekend. With all the Q & A on all kinds of message boards, I seem to be more confused than when I started.
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Understanding Google Ad Display Position
Posted by crocwatcher
I have a new adgroup with one exact match keyword in a small niche, only 3-4 advertisers. I am currently bidding 1.10/click. Google charged me .46 for my last click (today) so I have lots of room left in my bid to buy up on position. I have my position preference set at 1-3. When I search for the keyword, my ad doesn’t even show on page 1!
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Google Talks About Yahoo AdWords
Posted by abbottsys
The Shareholder Meeting is now over, so Google seems more willing to talk about the Yahoo AdWords strategy that played out over the past few weeks, and is still playing out. In fact, they seem positively relieved to chat about it.
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