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How Do You Compete With the Fortune 500s
High Rankings Forum

“I’m beginning to go crazy. I started promoting this herbal product through Overture last month and my conversion is about 2%. I did ok for a while, but now I have 3 pharmaceutical firms that are literally taking the bids from $0.15 to over $2. …How do you think I can stay in the game and compete with these guys and market effectively.”

Google Prices Stock at $85 Per Share
Webmaster World

“Anyone catch the CNBC interview with Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal a couple of minutes ago? He summed it up perfectly. Basically the institutions are unhappy they can’t get Google cheap and this IPO [initial public offering” is gonna set a huge precedent by bypassing big IB [institutional buyers” commissions when it comes to subsequent VC [venture capital” startups…”

MSN Block-Level Link Analysis
Best Practices Forums

“…the basics from what I can tell is to remove the ‘web page’ as the smallest unit that can be assigned a value. Then to break the page into smaller blocks that are compared and rated individually. This means different parts of the page could have different PR [PageRank”.”

Slickest Link Building Tricks
Search Engine Watch Forums

“What are the slickest and most effective ways you have personally done (or seen others do) link building campaigns?”

Your Message to New SEOs

“I’ve been thinking over the past few months what I would do if I wanted to get into the world of SEO [search engine optimization” today. The truth is, I’m not sure I would do it! Although the technology and knowledge behind doing the work is still not ‘rocket-science’, it can be sufficiently complex to prevent someone starting as an SEO overnight.”

How To Handle AdWords With Thousands Of Keywords
Search Engine Watch Forums

“10,000 keywords, a unique URL for each of them — how best to set this up in Google AdWords?”

Crawlability And Perl Includes
High Rankings Forum

“What, if any, negative impact is there on the ability for spiders (primarily googlebot) to successfully crawl a site when the navigation system is largely comprised of an include that refers to a .cgi Perl script?”

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