Highlights from the SEW Blog: May 8, 2006

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Ad Agency Sues Maine Blogger Over Search Accusations

Ad Agency Sues Blogger for Defamation from Ad Age covers an ad agency promoting tourism for the state of Maine suing a Maine-based blogger for defamation. The search connection? The blogger, Lance Dutson, had highlighted out broad matched search ads were hurting his own clients or not perhaps attracting the audience the state wanted. And a further search connection. The ad agency, WKPA, is concerned that searches on its name will now bring up Dutson’s criticisms.

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Google Confused With Shared Servers & Sites Sharing Same IP Address?

GrayWolf finds that Google is a tad confused when it comes to some sites that are hosted on a shared server and share a single IP address. For example, if you do a search on ibmg.net at Google, you will notice the title currently reads “hogmania wild boar hunting in texas” from a site at Hogamania.com, which is obviously not related to ibmg.net or Iron Bear Management Group. GrayWolf lists other examples, very interesting…

Yahoo Publisher Network Suspending Accounts for Poor Traffic Quality

It is no surprise that contextual advertising networks want good quality traffic for their advertisers and periodically clean house of publishers generating poor quality traffic. Yahoo Publisher Network has addressed the issue of their recent suspensions of publisher accounts monetizing through MySpace.com and publicly making it known that poor traffic sources will not be tolerated.

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Microsoft: Back To The “Early Days Of Search” Songbook

Microsoft’s Ballmer boasts of search engine progress from the Associated Press gives us an update from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, out of this week’s MSN Strategic Account Summit, on how things are going on the search front. Short answer: big advances, but lots of work to be done.

Notably, there was no timeline on surpassing Google in six months, something we’ve heard before. Instead, Microsoft is back to the original songbook of “it’s still the early days of search,” what they used to say back in 2003, when they declared entry into the search wars. From Ballmer:

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Advertisers To Get Notices From Google In Click Fraud Settlement Later This Month

Google Proposes $90M Settlement from the Associated Press is a general update on the status of the proposed click fraud settlement with Google. It was announced last March, given preliminary approval by the judge in April, and now Google is supposed to notify advertisers about the settlement by May 20. Then advertisers will have until late June to reject or protest the proposal. Final approval, if granted, will come in late July.

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Google Results Suffering After “Big Daddy” Update?

The Register reports that Google is “choking on web spam” ever since the roll out of The Big Daddy Infrastructure. The article highlights a mention from Google CEO Eric Schmidt from last month talking about Google having a storage “crisis.” From that New York Times article: Referring to the sheer volume of Web site information, video and email that Google’s servers hold, Schmidt said: “Those machines are full. We have a huge machine crisis.”

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In Yahoo We Trust – The Link Spam Patent Application

A new Yahoo patent application published today builds upon a method for finding reputable pages on the web to reduce web spam when ranking web pages to present as search results. When Combating Web Spam with TrustRank was published back in August of 2004, it caused somewhat of a stir, coming up with a way to find reputable web pages based upon a couple of simple concepts:

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MSN adCenter Officially Launches & Changes Name to Microsoft adCenter

While MSN adCenter has been in pilot mode since mid-October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is announcing the official launch of adCenter at Thursday’s MSN Strategic Account Summit… as well as the new name change to Microsoft adCenter.

Along with the launch comes news that adCenter will launch in the UK market on a limited basis in June, begin testing their contextual advertising this summer, provide ads on multiple Live products and drop Yahoo Search Marketing ads from all US-based searches on MSN Search.

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Search Headlines

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Kid-Friendly Search Engines
Washington Post reg May 7 2006 2:00AM GMT
Google In The Garden Of Good And Evil
CBS News May 6 2006 11:06PM GMT
Click fraud concerns hound Google despite class-action settlement
AP via San Francisco Chronicle May 6 2006 6:26PM GMT
Online ad spending to reach $1 bln in China by 2007
ZDNet May 6 2006 2:43PM GMT
Yahoo Faces Class-Action Spyware, Ad-Sales Suit
PC World May 6 2006 7:04AM GMT
Google’s Wi-Fi plans falter
Business 2.0 prem May 5 2006 11:03PM GMT
Google’s Opaque Transparency
Wired News May 5 2006 6:27PM GMT
Coming Soon: Gecko-driven Google Office (and Operating System)?
OReilly Network May 5 2006 3:11PM GMT
EBay CEO wary of Google
San Jose Mercury News reg May 5 2006 11:47AM GMT
Software benefits from no restrictions, even Google
ZDNet Asia May 5 2006 11:12AM GMT
Microsoft goes after search ads hard
USA Today May 5 2006 9:12AM GMT
N.Y. lawmaker claims Google profits from child porn
SiliconValley.com May 5 2006 5:55AM GMT
Google, Amazon and MSN
Bill Tancer’s Blog May 4 2006 10:21PM GMT
Study: Users Selectively Look To Web For Health Info
Media Post May 4 2006 10:10PM GMT
Relevancy Rules In Sponsored Search Ads
Media Post May 4 2006 10:08PM GMT

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