The Week in Review – May 17, 2001

SearchDay #9, May 17th – Worth a Look
A roundup of interesting sites and tools offering something useful or fun for searchers.

SearchDay #8, May 16th – Scirus – A New Science Search Engine
Combining a targeted crawler from FAST that focuses only on web sites with scientific content, with Elsevier’s massive scientific information resources drawn from thousands of journals and books, Scirus is a hybrid search engine that’s useful to amateur and professional alike.

SearchDay #7, May 15th – Searching for a Faithful Companion
Browser companions promise welcome relief from information overload – that is, until the companies offering them change business models or go out of business entirely.

SearchDay #6, May 14th – Search Engine or Directory?
The fundamental differences between search engines and directories are huge, and choosing the proper search tool can often make the difference between finding what you want and hopelessly floundering in a sea of irrelevant information.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.


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