Highlights from the SEW Blog: September 24-28, 2007

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week, along with recent search-related headlines from around the Web.

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  • SEW Experts: Roadblocks Sidetrack Search
    Aaron Shear explains that diplomacy may be one of the most useful tools in your SEO toolbox. To advance your search marketing strategy, you need to be less SEO and more politico with the head honcho.
  • Got IT? Optimized Code + Crawlability ≠ SEO
    Agencies often must debunk the myth that SEO is all about making a site crawlable, and the thought of bringing an SEO partner into the mix is just a waste of time and money.

SEM Industry Issues

  • Copyright Procedures for Search Marketers
    Search marketers will almost certainly run into copyright issues at some point in their careers. Thankfully, most online copyright infringement issues can be handled with some simple legal procedures.
  • Google-DoubleClick Hearings Get Muddled
    Google’s potential acquisition of DoubleClick is now under scrutiny by a U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee, and based on yesterday’s hearing, the closing of this deal could still be a long way off.
  • IMNY Charity Event Scheduled for October 15
    The Internet Marketers of New York are holding a charity event on October 15. The event will help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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