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Bloggers: So What Part Of “Your Fly Is Open” Didn’t You Understand?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Problems with blog spam? Shouldn’t those who created blogging software and systems have realized the problems inherent in leaving doors open?”

Newspapers pre-Internet: Blogs post-Internet.
Cre8asite Forums

“The crucial factor is that however good a newspaper article may be, when you’ve reached the end of the article, you’ve reached the end of the article. There’s no forward path to take to get more information. On rare occasions a website may be mentioned where more information can be found. Yes, but who wants to type in a web address.”

Google AdWords Advertisers must have Google Accounts to log in?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…advertisers shouldn’t be treated the same as ‘users.’ Some advertisers spend millions of dollars. There’s no explicit security risk or inconvenience if you handle it right as an advertiser, but I would think that a basic degree of respect for such an important business relationship would mean a separate identity for the advertiser account.”

Notes On October 2005 Google Update
High Rankings Forum

“Having read much of the wild speculation posted in various forums, chiefly by the same people who have wildly speculated in the wrong directions many times through the years, I am inclined to dismiss all the usual hypotheses as being unrealistic and out-of-touch with Google’s principles.”

Does Your Blog Pass the Jakob Nielsen Test?
Cre8asite Forums

“Checklists are a nice way to gauge how you’re doing and are good reminders for those things you forgot or never knew to try.”

Bloggers and Affiliate Links – The Debate Continues
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As more and more bloggers look to support work through contextual ads, are they missing out on what affiliate deals and rev-share partnerships offer?”

Why Should a Business Outsource a PPC Campaign
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Does outsourcing paid search work make sense? Members talk about why going to a third party may make sense.”

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Researching Workplace Issues Online
ResourceShelf Oct 20 2005 5:29PM GMT
Ballmer eyes Linux, Google users for growth
InfoWorld Oct 20 2005 5:25PM GMT
iProspect: Online Holiday Shopping Starts Two Weeks Early Oct 20 2005 5:24PM GMT
The development of children’s Web searching skills – a non-linear model
Information Research Oct 20 2005 5:21PM GMT
A New Service Named HomePages Combines Real Estate Listings, Local Data, and Aerial Imagery
Search Engine Watch Oct 20 2005 5:19PM GMT
Keyword Research: Getting Started
Search Engine Guide Oct 20 2005 5:17PM GMT
Search Engine for Sale on eBay
eWeek Oct 20 2005 5:15PM GMT
The End Of the Size Wars? Part 2
ClickZ Today Oct 20 2005 5:12PM GMT
Are Search Engines and Search Behavior Changing How Web Sites Are Designed?
Search Engine Round Table Oct 20 2005 5:10PM GMT
The Google Print Library Project: A Copyright Analysis
Assoc. of Research Libraries Monthly Report Oct 20 2005 5:08PM GMT
Yahoo Search Revenues Get No Respect
Traffick Oct 20 2005 5:08PM GMT
Study: Tech Purchasers Consult Web First
Media Post Oct 20 2005 5:05PM GMT
‘Splogs’ Roil Web, and Some Blame Google
Wall Street Journal (Free) Oct 20 2005 5:04PM GMT
SearchTHIS: Google Goes Wi-Fi
iMedia Connection Oct 20 2005 5:03PM GMT
Changes and Paranoia – the sky is falling
Jim Boykin’s SEO Thoughts Oct 20 2005 5:02PM GMT

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