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Entitlement Mentality on the Web
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Some web site owned by someone with an entitlement mentality experiences a drop in rankings and suddenly rambles on and on about the evils of Google and how Google has destroyed their business.”

Google Sued by KinderStart for Penalizing Site
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The popular child development and parenting site KinderStart is suing Google over penalizing their site and dropping hundreds to thousands of rankings.” (BETA)
Webmaster World

“I only search from Google, but was always sent to Yahoo’s Finance section for news and quotes as Google used to direct all stock symbol queries there… but, no more. I like it.”

Top Rank Disappointment
v7n Forum

“First place will not give you much if you have site that people do not trust.”

Gold Membership for Overture Members
High Rankings Forum

“If you call Yahoo up and you tell them that you spend 500 dollars or more on advertising they will give you an account that lets you upload, edit, and categorize all of your listings. How many people knew about this?”

Is Yahoo Ousting Small & Medium-Sized Businesses?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“We have received many reports that Yahoo have commenced upon a campaign to remove small – medium sized commercial websites from their search engine without clearly defining the reason for removal.”

Does Yahoo Want You to Block non-US Users?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“YahooSarah addresses confusion about serving Y! publisher network (YPN) ads to traffic based outside of the US.”

Your Keywords May Be Suspended
Webmaster World

“If some of your keywords in your account suddenly disappear from Google search, you’d better contact Google for a reason. Don’t just sit there and wait. Instead of your keywords being pulled down for review, it may be that they have been suspended (maybe permanently) for low traffic.”

Do Ugly Sites Earn More With AdSense?
Search Engine Roundtable Forums

“Yea, ugly web sites earn lots of money, if their goal is for you to click on an ad to earn PPC [pay per click”. Do ugly Web sites earn more with AdSense?”

Yahoo Messenger Phone Capabilities to be Activated in U.S.
Webmaster World

“Yahoo plans on Wednesday to activate Internet phone capabilities for Yahoo Messenger users in the U.S., a little more than three months after announcing this feature.”

Determining the Size of the Keyword Tail
Cre8asite Forums

“Let’s say I was launching a site targeting the chiropractic industry. How would one go about determining, on the keyword research side, how big (or small) the ‘tail’ of the search terms in that industry are?”

Zeal To Shut Down On March 28
High Rankings Forum

“Being one of the Original Zealots prior to the Looksmart purchase I hate to see it go, but it’s a tough business in a very competitive environment. That’s the second directory I devoted a lot of time to that’s gone under; being the first.”

Scammers Drop Your Google Rank Using Your Content!
High Rankings Forum

“Just because that’s the only thing you can see happening, doesn’t mean that’s the cause.”

Conflict of Interest, Prospect and Client in Same Industry
High Rankings Forum

“I just received a referral to optimize a gentleman’s website. Unfortunately his practice is in the same industry and same town as one of my current clients. I’m unsure I should meet with and/or work with this new prospect for fear of conflicting interests. Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do? How did you handle it?”

Google Wins Battle in Usenet Archive Case
Webmaster World

“In a legal win for Google, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a writer who claimed the search giant infringed on his copyright by archiving a Usenet posting of his and providing excerpts from his Web site in search results.”

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