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AOL Search Moves Up to the Big Leagues
Search Engine Watch Forums

“AOL’s recent moves leave me with a sense of deja vu: Yahoo rolled out a similar series of enhancements just about a year before dropping Google as their web search provider. While AOL insists that its quite happy with the existing relationship, Yahoo said the same thing right up until the day they launched their own technology. Could history be repeating (or at least echoing)?”

Google’s New “Nofollow” Attribute
Cre8asite Forums

“Everyone also seems to think that the search engines are embracing this as a means to stop comment spam. That’s not the case at all. Trust me, the motives are selfish. They are supporting the attribute because it’ll reduce (even if only by a miniscule amount at this early stage) the amount of spam in their own SERPs [search engine results pages”, not the amount of spam on the web.”

We Are Seeing A Rollout of MSN New Search
Webmaster World

“It will take time before we understand this great new addition to the web.”

Delete Links So Links Will Be Only 1 Way?
High Rankings Forum

“In the past, swapping links was about building partnerships and spreading your reach within a specific topic or industry. Now, with all the information and MIS-information floating around it’s been given a bad name and thought to be less effective. To bad too. Building professional partnerships is one of the most secure and solid ways to promote your business and build a good reputation.”

How to Come Up With Ideas for New Quality Content
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…even if you aren’t the best writer in the world, you can still use these ideas to come up with your titles and hire out the content writing to someone who does write for a living. And if you are feeling really adventurous, write them yourself then hire a copywriter to polish them up when youre done.”

Organizing a Multi-Language Site
Cre8asite Forums

“I have to build a site that is presented in English, German and Bulgarian. And maybe soon it will contain Spanish and French. So my question is how to do that?”

Referral ID Strings and Referrer Info
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Referral tracking is becoming an ever harder game with the growing obsession about (and misidentification of) spyware. A growing number of applications and plug-ins strip referrer info from HTTP headers sent by browsers, making the HTTP referrer less accurate by the day.”

7 Steps To Identifying Click Fraud
Webmaster World

“..had 6000 clicks before 12:30 eastern on a term that received 61 clicks yesterday. I wanted to run down with everyone the steps we took to identify it, in case some people are curious as to how you catch it.”

Search Engine Spread, Google vs MSN vs Yahoo
High Rankings Forum

“I’ve always felt that we did not get enough traffic from MSN, and it seems no matter what I do, it never improves. …This really bothers me when I think about every computer being sold in the world pretty much has MSN as the default search engine.”

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Google bypassed in search deal
Boston Globe Jan 21 2005 2:05PM GMT
askSam Provides Free Searchable Version of Sarbanes-Oxley Act
ResourceShelf Jan 21 2005 1:43PM GMT
US health agency scales down plans for free, online research results
British Medical Journal Jan 21 2005 1:37PM GMT Now Supplying Dictionary Definitions and More to Google
Search Engine Watch Jan 21 2005 1:26PM GMT
Yahoo Takes A Turn On Broadway
Media Post Jan 21 2005 1:09PM GMT
AOL To Launch Pay-Per-Call Paid Listings
Media Post Jan 21 2005 1:08PM GMT
Desktop search threatens your privacy Jan 21 2005 1:05PM GMT
Building Research Tools With Google for Dummies
ResearchBuzz Jan 21 2005 7:28AM GMT
Google loses trademark dispute in France
CNET Jan 20 2005 11:24PM GMT
The aftermath of a domain name hijack
The Register Jan 20 2005 9:52PM GMT
Sussing Out the Search Engines
eWeek Jan 20 2005 5:30PM GMT
ChoicePoint finds wealth in information
Washington Post Jan 20 2005 5:26PM GMT
AOL Enhances Search Function on Free Site
AP Ivia Yahoo News) Jan 20 2005 5:20PM GMT
Omniture Debuts SEM Bid Management Tool
ClickZ Today Jan 20 2005 5:17PM GMT
VeriSign Battling Rivals For .net Domain Administration
Information Week Jan 20 2005 4:32AM GMT

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