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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
PPC Content Advertising: The Latest Tips and Best Practices
Great progress has been made over the last year in the capabilities of the search engines’ contextual advertising offerings. Many advertisers who have watched their competition and click prices grow over the past few years could be tapping into a source of clicks where there’s less competition and lower click prices.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin
Search Goes Global
Extending a search initiative beyond the borders of the United States represents its own unique challenges, not the least of which is that it looks easier than it is.
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage
My Thoughts on Promo Outcomes
Asking people to give feedback about your product or service is great on many levels. It builds relationships and provides incredibly valuable information.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Top Posts and Stories from SES New York Day 2
Posted by Greg Jarboe Mar 26, 2009

In case you tuned in late, half of the top posts and stories from Day 2 of SES New York were a continuation of the top story from Day 1: Guy Kawasaki’s opening keynote, “Twitter as a Tool for Social Media.” To catch you up, in case you missed my …
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Google Bundles Tools in a New Service for Website Hosting Providers
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 26, 2009

Last year, Google extended Webmaster Tools to hosting providers, who could in turn offer it to their customers. Now, Google has released “Services for Websites,” a bundled package of tools for website hosting providers. Included in the bundle are Webmaster Tools, AdSense, Custom Search, and Site Search. When a hosting provider …
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Yahoo!’s Inquisitor iPhone App Released to More Countries
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 26, 2009

I have a confession to make. I love the new Yahoo! Inquisitor app for the iPhone. I like it better than – gasp – searching Google. But do people from other nationalities, geographic locations and languages feel the same way? They’re about to find out. Yahoo! is releasing its Inquisitor iPhone …
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YouTube Changes the Names of Some Features
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 26, 2009

YouTube has announced a name change for some of the features on its site. They are as follows: Spotlight Videos – These are videos that YouTube are entertaining or educational for the masses, so they highlight them. Promoted Videos – Originally called “Sponsored Videos,” these are the paid video ads – like …
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iPhone Advances Mobile Search in the UK
Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 26, 2009

comScore has released data about iPhone users in the UK and compared to other mobile devices, the iPhone is certainly spurring on mobie search. 55% of iPhone users conduct searches on their devices, while just 32% of smartphone users and 12% of all mobile phone users search on their phones. In fact, …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Is It Time to Add Mobile Marketing Here? Mar 26, 2009
Seems to be increasingly more noise about mobile marketing. Twitter kinda helps with that since you can “tweet” with your mobile phone. Is it time to open up discussion on this? It’s still new and probably not mature enough to hit search – yet. But, with the way that people are using …
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Keyword tool Mar 22, 2009
When I search for 1) EURO MORTGAGES (broad match) for English speaking/All territories I get 1,000 search on average. 2) EURO MORTGAGES (broad match) for English speaking/France I get 1,900 search on average. How is it possible that 2 can be higher than 1 since 2 should be part of one? Probably a …
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How much time takes Google indexing? Mar 20, 2009
Hi all, I have been following all the instructions of “”, I have submitted a SiteMap, but my web site which is online still is NOT indexed by Google. Each time I try a new SiteMap because there are warnings in it it takes 1 day for evaluation, and nothing happens. So …
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