SearchDay Week In Review

Search Engine Milestones for July 2003
SearchDay, July 31, 2003

The month in review: abstracts from selected press releases and announcements made during the prior month related to web search and search engine marketing.

A Closer Look at Yahoo News
SearchDay, July 30, 2003

Yahoo has fortified its news service in recent weeks, offering both increased depth and powerful search tools that make it a compelling choice for finding online news.

Changes Afoot at HotBot
SearchDay, July 29, 2003

HotBot has renamed three of the four engines it searches, but search results are still provided by the original sources.

A Google-like Portal of the World’s Leading Scientists
SearchDay, July 28, 2003 calls itself ‘an expert gateway to the most highly influential scientists and scholars worldwide,’ using similar techniques to Google’s PageRank to identify these intellectual leaders.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Pay Per Inclusion – Is There Still a Reason?
High Rankings Forum
“It’s always good to use PFI [pay for inclusion” – I can’t be sitting around waiting for pages to be picked up for free when I can simply pay some money and have them in MSN, AskJeeves, etc. within a few days. I don’t know how any SEO can justify not using it. Clients want results and a return on their investment as soon as possible and this is just one way of achieving it.”

Writing Copy and Content for the Web

Cre8asite Forums
“My tip is to provide for both tastes. Use bullet points and concise paragraphs high up the page. Then follow them with more detailed and friendly wording that explains it for those who blinked, or those who simply want to be absolutely sure they have it right.”

How Important Is HTML Validation?

Webmaster World
“Start thinking about the future of your careers in this industry. It is no longer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as they say but more SEM (Search Engine Marketing). One of the many benefits you can add to your marketing portfolio is the claim of building W3C [World Wide Web Consortium” compliant web sites.”

dmoz Lists webPAGES or webSITES?

ihelpyou Forums
“Generally speaking, the ODP lists websites, not webpages, although not exclusively so. As editors, we are told to be very careful about linking to URLs other than the site root.”

Boss Questioning My SEO Abilities

SEO Chat
“He is not an Internet person–meaning he barely knows how to use a search engine. I’ve tried explaining the new Google craziness to him and he accuses me of making excuses. Worse, he’s now pushing me to use the spammy techniques that our competitors are using (because, in his
eyes, they work).”

How to Handle Picture Names for SEO
ihelpyou Forums
“I’m wondering about how to name picture files for SEO [search engine optimization” without being penalized for spam.”

I Know Nothing About Gimpsy…Help!
ihelpyou Forums
“It is definitely a good idea to submit to Gimpsy! I’m not seeing traffic or backlinks from Gimpsy yet, but I didn’t see any from GoGuides or JoeAnt for a while either and now both are sending some traffic and showing backlinks.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Pac Bell online sues RIAA
San Francisco Chronicle Aug 1 2003 12:41PM GMT
European firms threaten mass P2P lawsuit
CNET Aug 1 2003 12:32PM GMT
Hackers turn to Google to find weakest links
New Scientist Aug 1 2003 11:21AM GMT
Senate Panel Approves Internet Access Tax Ban Aug 1 2003 10:48AM GMT
Yahoo Searches for Yodeler Aug 1 2003 10:48AM GMT
Observers drool for Google IPO, but it’s unlikely until 2004 Aug 1 2003 3:26AM GMT
Retail site usability scores 3.1 out of 50 in a recent Forrester review Aug 1 2003 1:48AM GMT
Network Solutions glitch darkens sites
ZDNet Jul 31 2003 10:44PM GMT
Google debuts in Indian languages
CNET Jul 31 2003 6:21PM GMT
.com Domain Name Registration Booming
theWHIR Jul 31 2003 5:25PM GMT
Getting Listed With Froogle, plus Optimizing Dynamic Content
High Rankings Jul 31 2003 2:18PM GMT
What it Means To Be a Search Engine Marketing Professional
High Rankings Jul 31 2003 2:17PM GMT
Firms develop XML schema to protect applications
Computer Weekly Jul 31 2003 10:14AM GMT
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