Highlights from the SEW Blog: April 21-25, 2008

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week.

From the SEW blog:

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Linking Issues & Social Media

  • Twitter Expands to Japan, Includes Ads
    Popular social media network, Twitter, has announced its expansion to Japan. But this time, ads will be rolled out with the launch of the service.
  • Turning Sensationalized Content into a Resource
    After the initial burst of traffic to Sensationalized/Entertainment pieces via social media, traffic typically declines to very low levels, while Resource/Educational based content tends to maintain much more stamina over prolonged periods of time.
  • MySpace Launches Beta Version of New Advertising Platform
    Social media networks have struggled to produce confidence in their advertising options, but MySpace is hoping to change that with the beta launch of Community Builder, the social networks’ new advertising platform.

Analytics & ROI

Local & Mobile Search

Vertical & Specialty Search

In-House & Outsourcing

SEM Industry Issues

  • T-minus 1 Day: Last Minute Rhetoric from Microsoft and Yahoo
    During Microsoft’s earnings call, CFO Chris Liddell suggested that an alternative to Yahoo’s ‘no’ is to withdraw the proposal. Meanwhile, Yahoo remained consistent in what they’ve been saying all along — that they’re worth more than Microsoft’s original offer.
  • Microsoft Earnings Key Takeaways: Where’s the Search?
    The biggest acquisition news yesterday wasn’t Microsoft-Yahoo but Arby’s-Wendy’s. In both cases, search marketers are asking, “Where’s the beef?” Better yet, analysts on the Microsoft conference call should have asked, “Where’s the search?”
  • ComScore CEO Fires Back at Google, Wall St, and Bloggers
    Google CEO Eric Schmidt took an indirect shot at comScore paid click data during Google’s (stellar) Q1 earnings call this week. This afternoon, comScore CEO Dr. Magid Abraham fired back, defending the validity and accuracy of comScore aggregation of Google paid click data.
  • Ballmer Wears Poker Face in Advance of Ultimatum Deadline
    Ballmer wants Yahoo at $31 a share and that’s that. He’s talking tough, saying he’ll go forward without a merger. But almost no one believes him.
  • Yahoo Earnings Beat Estimates
    It’s probably the most important earnings report Yahoo has ever had to make, since a weak showing would almost certainly lead investors to agree to a speedy acquisition by Microsoft at its current $31 per share offer.
  • Nielsen Releases March 2008 U.S. Search Data
    We’ve already seen the numbers from Hitwise, Compete, and comScore. Now it’s Nielsen’s turn to serve up its March 2008 data for top U.S. search providers.

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