Highlights from the SEW Blog: Apr. 2, 2007

We’ve collected all the search marketing news from selected posts to the Search Engine Watch blog in the past week, along with recent search-related headlines from around the Web.

From the SEW blog:

Organic Search

Search Advertising

  • Google Prepping BT Network?
    Are Google’s moves to expand its footprint into new areas a precursor to launching a behavioral targeting network?
  • Microsoft Eyeing DoubleClick?
    Microsoft may be among the suitors hoping to acquire DoubleClick’s online ad-serving platform.
  • Data Analysis Must Look Across Channels
    Paid search does not exist in a vacuum, and it should not be looked at that way when it comes to data analysis.
  • Judge Approves Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement
    A judge has approved the proposed settlement reached nine months ago in a class action case brought against Yahoo by Checkmate Strategic Group in June 2005.
  • Panama Working Better Than Expected?
    After Yahoo CEO Terry Semel crowed last week about the success of Panama, a Wall Street analyst now adds to Yahoo’s merriment with news of even more success.
  • Google Finds Less is More
    Google is finding that out in respect to the number of ads it shows on certain search results pages. This kind of thinking is not new to search engines.

Linking Issues & Social Media

Analytics & ROI

  • What Makes Us Search Online To Buy Offline?
    According to a recent National Retail Federation study, a whopping 93% of offline shoppers spend time online first, including 35% who regularly research and another 58% who occasionally research online before buying in person.
  • Online users finish more stories than print readers
    According to the Poynter Institute’s Eyetrack study released today at the American Society of Newspaper Editors conference, online readers finish news stories more often than those who read in print.
  • Bryan Eisenberg Talks about Persuasion Architecture
    Bryan, and his brother Jeffrey, are the leading proponents of “Persuasion Architecture,” the notion that you need to model and understand your customers in order to persuade them to buy what you are selling.

Vertical & Specialty Search

Small Business/Big Brand SEM

In-House & Outsourcing

  • Do You Speak Programmer?
    Just because search marketers and programmers happen to speak the same language, doesn’t mean they are communicating.

SEM Industry Issues

  • Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Google?
    Who’s afraid of Google? Not Topix.net’s Rich Skrenta, that’s for sure. In his Skrentablog yesterday, he outlines 12 tips for up-and-coming search engines who want to take on Google.

Searching/Search Technologies

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