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Holiday Hate for Google Coming Soon?
WebProWorld Forum
“The holidays are coming and anyone in online marketing knows that something else could be in store for many website owners. Instead of turkey, time with friends and family and general Christmas cheer, the chance of Google update to play games with our minds is always a possibility during this time of the year. As we have seen over the past few years Google seems to roll out big updates right before the important online holiday shopping season.”

Can We Take SEO As a Long Term Career?
V7N Forum
“I am very much confused about the future prospects of SEO [search engine optimization”. Please share your views on career prospects of SEO.”

What Is a “Good Editorial Policy” for a Directory?
Webmaster World
“Take all comers = bad, right? So, what makes for a good editorial policy? Control of the wording of the listing resides with the directory? Listings must only appear in the relevant section, determined by the directory? What else?”

Is Flash The Future Of The Internet?
WebProWorld Forum
“…pieces of Flash on websites are a great thing and can really become link bait itself, but to say Flash is the future of the internet is not true. As BJ pointed out 33% of the world is still on dial up and as Jim pointed out flash entry pages are a terrible idea and pages composed entirely of flash are SERP [search engine results pages” poison.”

Best Way To Build A New Site
High Rankings Forum
“I am building a new site – and am at the planning stage. What is a top tip that someone can give me to layout the site in an SEO friendly fashion… I know about clean url and clean navigation etc… anything else?”

New Trends in Google Rankings?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Has anyone noticed a shift in the way certain web sites are ranking in Google as of the last month or so. I have been using the same techniques that I found to work well in the past, but my sites are not ranking as highly for the keyterms as they once did.”

Signs You Need to Switch SEO Providers – They Stop Talking to You
Small Business Ideas Forum
“This is something that clients are willing to pay for and I have actually discovered that the more you reveal (and document), the more value they place on your services. Keep them in the dark and they will question the value.”

Report: Yahoo in Talks to Acquire Facebook
Webmaster World
“If the deal is completed, Yahoo could pay up to $1 billion for the Web site, according to a Wall Street Journal report…”

Scrape Prevention vs. SEO-friendly
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Excellent advice from Bill Atchison on protecting your site from content scrapers as part of your SEO strategy.”

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