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What’s going on in the search industry? Find out here, with these links to some of the latest topics being discussed in our own Search Engine Watch Forums, and other search marketing forums across the Web:

Quality Score Calculation
Search Engine Watch Forums
“What is most frustrating is that this is a very good site, professionally done with extremely relevant content yet some algorithm decides that it is of poor quality before any traffic has even been directed there!”

Submitting Video to Search Engines
Cre8asite Forums
“In the interest of finding out more about how some of the different video search programs worked, I’ve put together a thread that looks at them in more depth.”

Confusing Keyword Research Results
High Rankings Forum
“Keyword tools are best used to give you benchmarks and relative popularity of keyword phrases – they don’t capture all the queries on the net.”

Using Titles in Links… Useful or Useless?
Sitepoint Forums
“Does the use of title=”” confer any SE benefits? I kind of hear pros/cons for them.”

Signs of Fundamental Change at Google Search
Webmaster World
“More ‘signs of fundamental change’ in Google’s algorithm have been observed in recent months.”

A|B Split Test — How Does This Affect Search Engines?
Cre8asite Forums
“If we’re running an A|B split test on the entire site, not just one landing page (like Google’s web optimizer), how would this be seen by the search engines?”

The Learning Curve
High Rankings Forum
“I’ll give you the key to marketing that’ll help you more than anything else…Learn how to test and then make sure you incorporate it into everything you do.”

What Ever Happened to “Assists”?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“When Yahoo! first showed me a demo of the new Panama system, they told me about “assists” that they were gong to track. Are these available from Yahoo Analytics?”

Pay Per Action — How Have You Fared?
Webmaster World
“Is this the future? Or just a beta test that will end up costing us trailblazers money in the short run?”

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