SearchDay: Yahoo Rejects Microsoft: Worst Decision Ever?

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Search Engine Watch Expert - Frank Watson
Yahoo Rejects Microsoft: Worst Decision Ever?
» SEM CROSSFIRE: Two industry veterans provide their insights on the hottest topics in SEM
here have been some major missed opportunities in our industry; decisions that must haunt those involved. Is it possible Yahoo’s turn-down of Microsoft’s offer could trump them all?
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Search Engine Watch Expert - William Flaiz
Optimization by Numbers
» OUTSOURCED: The inside scoop on life at an SEM agency
While getting various digital marketing programs off the ground can be an achievement in itself, the real challenge is campaign optimization. How do you keep track of what’s working, and what’s not?
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Search Engine Watch Expert - Michael Boland
Black, White, and Blue All Over
» VERTICAL SEARCH: Expert advice on search marketing opportunities in targeting vertical markets
The LA Times is in the midst of an aggressive online product rollout. If anyone should be able to build solid local content sites, it’s newspapers. It’s their game to lose, with a sizeable but quickly closing head start, as publishers across the country sit on their hands.
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Yahoo! Acquires Assets of the Inquisitor 3 Plug-in for Safari
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Inquisitor 3 aids searchers by auto-completing their search keywords and delivers results directly in the Safari browser.
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Microsoft Prefers Flash to Silverlight
Posted by Eli Feldblum
Despite all the controversy over Microsoft using Silverlight to take over the rich internet market from Adobe Flash, most Microsoft sites are still using Flash instead of Silverlight.
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Free to Go: Microsoft Releases Proxy Yahoo Board
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Microsoft is releasing members of its proxy Board of Directors, prepared for a hostile takeover of Yahoo. This could be another negotiating ploy, or it could be a very real indicator that Microsoft truly is moving on.
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Google Adwords Launches Landing Page Load Time on Keyword Analysis Page
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Recently, Google announced that landing page load time will become a factor in determining quality score for Adwords. Today, they have launched a landing page load time metric for Adwords users.
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Google Maps Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4): Your Google Guide to Liberty City
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Google Maps is powering the Grand Theft Auto Big Map, a wiki-style map where gamers can update places they’ve found in Liberty City.
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Pro Intellectual Property Act Passes House
Posted by Frank Watson
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow for forfeiture of property such as computers and other equipment used by convicted copyright infringers.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Landing Page Load Times are Here!
Posted by abbottsys
Starting today, load time evaluations will be displayed on the Keyword Analysis page, for your review. Starting mid-June, landing page load time will be incorporated into your Quality Score.
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No Follow Links
Posted by savantcreative
I have heard that one should nofollow links on their site to lesser internal pages, for eample using a nofollow link from one’s home page to one’s conatct us page becasue it preserves “link juice” and adds to Page Rank.
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Anaphora, Complex Stemming, etc.
Posted by MissOpie
I think that statistical machine translation, translation using parallel texts, have produced less than adequate translation. In french I recently had “server” translated as “waiter.”
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