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Google Checkout Launches – Strikes At Heart of Yahoo Stores
Webmaster World

“…it looks a whole lot more like the back end of Yahoo Store than like PayPal… Looks like the transaction fee is %2 + 20cents a transaction. That would be a significant increase over PayPal World Seller. Does not look like any compelling reason to use at first look.”

Persuasion Architecture and the Art of Agreement for Website Success
Cre8asite Forums

“I’m not a marketer, but I do find online buyer behavior fascinating. The same thing with search behavior. What really gets me going is what happens after all the effort is put into getting someone to a website, and the action or inaction that occurs next.”

Negative Info/Personal Harm
Search Engine Watch Forums

“What to do when your personal or professional image is harmed by unfriendly search results? Share your reputation management tips here.”

I Quit My Job to Work with AdSense
Search Engine Watch Forums

“As for quitting your job, making sure you have a backup plan is always good. What if you get suspended from AdSense? If your sites get banned in the search engines? Having a backup plan (plus reserve money to get you through the lean times) is always a smart thing to do.”

Local Search Question
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Our experience has been that people seem to treat local search like a phone book … they look to see who is in the area, however they don’t necessarily call from there. Often, we hear that they have done a local search to figure who’s around, then do a ‘regular’ search and see who comes up. If we come up both in local and ‘regular’, it helps the conversion.”

Flavors of Spam
Webmaster World

“Everyone complains about Spam, but the single term hides a multitude of different problems, and different people often seem to mean different things when they use it. I know how we use the term here at Microsoft, but I would be interested to hear your ideas about it…”

Guaranteed Google Listings
Webmaster World

“How is this possible? Surely no company but Google can make such a guarantee? Are they able to un-ban domains? Spill the beans, whoever knows!”

Link Building for Local Businesses
Small Business Ideas Forum

“…this store has suppliers which they promote products for. These suppliers have websites which often reference (or should) those that carry their products. Most companies don’t get links from the most obvious places first, their peers and associates within their industry.”

Google Forced to Remove Data Due to Indexing Secure Data
Webmaster World

“The Social Security numbers and test scores of 619 students at public schools in Catawba County, N.C., were available online via Google’s search engine until Friday…”

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