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Google Maps + Reviews In Main Search Results
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Members discuss the new features behind Google maps and local businesses showing in general search results.”

Yahoo Panama Release Delayed
Webmaster World
“The company also announced during a conference call with analysts that long-awaited improvements to its search technology, which were expected to be rolled out at the end of the summer, will now be delayed until the fourth quarter. The stock nosedived after hours on the news.”

Microsoft: MSN – Strider Search Defender
Webmaster World
“Researchers at Microsoft have developed a tool to scrub search engines of major Web sites that pollute search results and ultimately help clean the Web of spam.”

Yahoo! Search Update
Search Engine Watch Forums
“How did your site(s) fare in the most recent Yahoo! index update? Tim Mayer joins the conversation.”

Measuring Keyword Competition
Search Engine Watch Forums
“How do you accurately and effectively measure keyword competition?”

Look Ma, I Got PR!
Site Reference Forum
“So, are you ready to let go of ‘The Little Green Bar?’ Or will further counseling be required?”

Users Rating Adwords Ads
Webmaster World
“…a little line of text below the url of the ad I clicked said ‘Was this link useful? Yes or No'”

Code to Prevent Search Engines from Seeing
V7N Forum
“Does anyone know if there is any code you can wrap around something so that the search engines don’t see it? I want to put a frame on one of my pages but i don’t want the search engines to see the frame.”

Google: Semantic Web Must Overcome Incompetence
Webmaster World
“Sir Tim Berners-Lee has a vision of a Web where machines as well as people can read content, but Google sees plenty of hurdles.”

NOODP! No ODP Titles!
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Don’t want Google to show your old, outdated and possibly incorrect Open Directory title? Then use this handy snippet of code in your meta tags!”

Buying Brand Name Keywords On Adwords
High Rankings Forum
“I know you’re not supposed to buy other people’s brand names on AdWords, like Nike or Walmart etc, but what about something like product names?”

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