Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Links to this week’s topics from search engine forums across the web.

DMOZ – Locked In the Cellar With No Food or Water
Webmaster World

“Boo Radley? Please. This kind of rant shows a horrible misunderstanding of where ODP is and where it is going. If you’re looking for parallels, try Yahoo=Antonio Salieri to DMOZ’s Mozart.”

Where Does “Keyword Ownership” Fit?
High Rankings Forum

“Those programs are indeed totally bogus and should be dismissed as such without another thought given to them…”

Small Flash Content On My Homepage?
High Rankings Forum

“I have a small flash movie in the body of my homepage. Do you think this hurts my chance of getting ranked high in the search engines?”

HTML Includes vs. PHP Includes

“Is there a future advantage to using PHP includes that I am missing? Or, are there additional refinements that can be added with PHP that make the PHP includes advantageous? I guess the basic question is ‘Why use PHP includes instead of HTML?'”

Word of Warning, Think Before You Use AdSense
Webmaster World

“You outline an absolutely crucial point: That we do NOT put all of our eggs in the AdSense basket.”

LookSmart Lawsuit
Best Practices Forums

“[In my opinion” it’s beneficial for LookSmart. It clears the way for their acquisition, by MSN or whoever. LookSmart’s annual revenues are in excess of $100M. That sets the $250K to the Class Members in some context.”

Search Getting Boring? Not for Nutch Longer
Cre8asite Forums

“Hmm, I can’t help feel that an Open Source search engine would just allow those so inclined and skilled, to go into the code, learn the exact ranking criteria and abuse it more accurately and quickly than is currently possible.”

MSN Showing Ads on Right Side of SERPs

“When I look at a SERP [search engine result page” on MSN now, pretty much the ENTIRE window is ads. Sure, that was true before, but now it’s full of even more ads. I wonder how this will impact the amount of people who use MSN. Will they mind all those ads? Will they even notice that they are ads? Will they go use another engine because MSN is so stuffed with ads?”

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SearchDay Week in Review

MSN Expands Overture Ads
SearchDay, Sept. 18, 2003

MSN Search has rolled out a new format for showing paid listings, a change it hopes will allow it to carry more sponsored results while still keeping its overall relevancy high.

VeriSign’s New Site Finder Redirects Bad Domain Traffic
SearchDay, Sept. 17, 2003

VeriSign is now resolving requests for non-existent .COM and .NET domains to an error page that features a search engine that it operates called Site Finder, a move that’s quickly raised controversy.

InfoSpace’s New Mantra: Names, Numbers, Now
SearchDay, Sept. 16, 2003

InfoSpace has updated its website, offering a number of easy-to-use business and people lookup functions, with access to public records, email addresses and more.

LookSmart Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Proposed
SearchDay, Sept. 15, 2003

A proposed settlement to a 2002 class action lawsuit against LookSmart will compensate customers who were required to accept a new commercial listings agreement to maintain inclusion in LookSmart’s directory.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Afilias introduces umlauts to .info
Demys Sep 19 2003 12:49PM GMT
FindWhat renegotiating Espotting merger
Reuters Sep 19 2003 12:29PM GMT
New spam laws are only a partial solution
Computer Weekly Sep 19 2003 12:11PM GMT
Quick SEO Results Wanted, Useless Meta Keywords, Submitting Sites to Inktomi
High Rankings Sep 19 2003 4:50AM GMT
VeriSign sued over redirect Web service
CNET Sep 19 2003 3:50AM GMT
Prying Google seen as a risk
The New Zealand Herald Sep 19 2003 0:53AM GMT
IBM unveils super search engine
Australian IT Sep 19 2003 0:04AM GMT
Want Google to Pay you 10K?
About Web Search Sep 18 2003 8:55PM GMT
Search tool scans blogs for business
ZDNet Sep 18 2003 6:52PM GMT
Yahoo sees sponsored searches doubling
CNET Sep 18 2003 2:01PM GMT
Spam senders will face hefty fines
Sydney Morning Herald Sep 18 2003 9:52AM GMT
New Zagat Listing: Wi-Fi Hot Spots
Los Angeles Times reg Sep 18 2003 9:14AM GMT
Google launches internet coding battle Sep 18 2003 8:58AM GMT
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