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SEO Thoughts on Google
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I fear the days of doorways per page per engine are heading back (and despite the fact that for many, it was never that effective a tactic anyway).”

Yahoo Local Listings – New Program
Small Business Ideas Forum

“As for the upgrade to the enhanced listing, for $10 a month, it’s certainly worth a short test run. Depending on the market, it’s hard to say if anyone would actually find and click on the links (which may be why Yahoo isn’t imposing a per-click fee along with the monthly fee…they know that the traffic just isn’t there yet.)”

User Reviews and Local Search Optimization
Webmaster World

“Did you know that the user can sort Yahoo local search results on the basis of user reviews? When we think of traditional SEO [search engine optimization” we think of on-site and off-site optimization. In the world of local SEO, user reviews are a critical factor of (sorted) rank, and therefore a concentration of local search optimizers.”

Data Providers: The Engine That Drives Local Search
Webmaster World

“When is the last time you checked the accuracy of your, or your clients, infoUSA and Acxiom data? When is the last time you gave your data a boost?”

Google Affiliates – Update
Webmaster World

“Google are going to be making serious, serious changes to the whole affiliate – merchant via PPC [pay per click” stuff. Early reports indicate an ‘auction’ based system where advertisers fight it out on who can bid, and only 1 advertiser per site as such.”

Google AdWords: Top Position? Impossible?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I am trying to get to the top spot in Adwords. Not just the listings on the right but the top above the regular listings (the part that used to be premium). It seems that whatever I do I cannot get there. My competition does though.”

Can White Hat Compete Against Black Hat?
High Rankings Forum

“This isn’t a discussion on ethics, since we’ve already discussed that at length. We’re discussing what works and what doesn’t, regardless of whether it’s ‘ethical’ or not.”

Confessions of a White Hat Content Spammer: What I’ve Learned by Ignoring Google
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…you can eventually increase your sites’ income three-fold – simply by thinking about how the people in a particular market shop, how they search, and by trying to meet their needs – by creating more pages with content relevant to what and how they would be looking and shopping if we were in their shoes.”

Will MSN SEO Heaven Last?
SEO Chat Forums

“Assume that nothing lasts – algorithms change all the time. So, plan on enjoying it for however long it lasts, and hope that when it changes, you can adjust with the changes as well.”

Google Listing Domain with
Webmaster World

“I have been through this myself, and the cause was hyperlinks pointing to the site with a space in the url. Don’t dismiss this so easily, it is the most likely cause of the issue you are facing.”

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Yahoo to offer desktop search software
San Jose Mercury News Dec 10 2004 1:30PM GMT
Seven Now ‘Local’ Versions of Google News
Google Dec 10 2004 1:24PM GMT
Yahoo Details Desktop Search Plans; Ask Jeeves & MSN Launch This Month
Search Engine Watch Dec 10 2004 1:14PM GMT
Google Magazine Search?
Internet News Dec 10 2004 1:09PM GMT
Google Taking Adsense Global
Corante Dec 10 2004 8:59AM GMT
Search for Keywords in Sets of Links
ResearchBuzz Dec 10 2004 8:51AM GMT
PPC Search Copywriting Strategies, Part 1
ClickZ Today Dec 10 2004 3:28AM GMT
Yahoo Looks Beyond Desktop with WUF Acquisition
E-Commerce Times Dec 9 2004 11:48PM GMT
Review: Blinkx 2.0
PC Magazine Dec 9 2004 11:45PM GMT
Usenet is the biggest online community
Plainview Daily Herald Dec 9 2004 11:40PM GMT
Accoona Mulling License For AI Search
Internet News Dec 9 2004 9:59PM GMT
Geico Going To Trial With Google
National Underwriter reg Dec 9 2004 7:21PM GMT
Searching for Google — Shhhhh, it’s a secret
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Dec 9 2004 5:59PM GMT
The battle for search loyalty drives innovation
Search Engine Watch Blog Dec 9 2004 4:53PM GMT
Google Sues over ‘Click Fraud’
E-Commerce Times Dec 9 2004 3:32PM GMT

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