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Google Offers Advice to Sites on Penalty
Virtual Promote Forums

“I have just received an email from Google about one of my test sites telling me that it is being blacklisted for 30 days.”

SEM 50 Stock Index
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I was trying to come up with an index of 50 stocks to start tracking that: are the search engines themselves, are very involved with the search engine technology, are very involved in search engine marketing industry, or companies that believe so much in SEO/SEM that are RE-building their businesses around it (example:”

Should Search Engines Ban Expired Domain Names?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“When a domain name isn’t renewed by its owner, should search engines automatically ban a domain name from its index? I don’t think so. Here’s why…”

Google Blog Search Launched
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Top line thoughts — it’s not spam free. I wish it were ‘full text’ blog search to better represent the blog world. It’s got a short memory, not going back past March 2005. But the backlink info looks good, certainly better than you’ll get on Google itself. That part sort of makes me sad. Web site owners can’t get full backlinks on Google, but own a blog, and we’re happy to roll the world out for you.”

Yahoo Instant Search
Search Engine Watch

“Yahoo’s new service makes answers appear below the search box when you type. What do you think of it?”

Is Someone Defrauding Your AdSense Account?
Adsense Chat

“If you see in your logs that your site received a stream of clicks in a short time – and from the same IP address – don’t wait for Google to get in touch. (Their letter won’t be pleasant). Drop them a line right away, telling them that you’ve spotted some suspicious clicks on your site and ask them to investigate.”

Submitting To Crawlers
High Rankings Forum

“Actually, there is one type of ‘submitting urls to crawlers’ that I think might be valid…”

Buying a Competitor and Now? Redirect?
High Rankings Forum

“We have bought a competitor of us which have very good search engine rankings. Now we wonder what the best thing is to do? Make a redirect to our website? … Google indexed more than 400 pages from the website. Do we have to make 400 redirects?”

MSN AdCenter Review
Webmaster World

“Overall the ad management interface is clean and basic. Very easy to use and understand after a minute of bumping around. I am reminded of the AdWords system in that of the design, interface, and usability.”

Yahoo Moves To Trademark
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Yahoo wants the letter Y. Or at least a trademark to protect the it looks likely to obtain. Check out this interesting find from member msgraph.”

New legal threat to Google over GMail
Webmaster World

“Independent International Investment Research, a British company that specialises in research and has several leading City investment banks as clients, argues that it launched “G-MailTM web based email” in May 2002.”

Just Want To Confirm Something About URLs
High Rankings Forum

“If I’m correct in understanding that it doesn’t matter for seo/ranking purposes, does anyone have any opinions on whether it matters for usability/conversion?”

Google Results Not True To Type
Virtual Promote Forums

“Do a search on ‘the web’ as opposed to ‘pages from Australia’ and get only/mostly AU websites! Hello Google, do you not give me enough credit of intelligence to know that when I search ‘the web’ I don’t want a play pen? Am I not big enough to get a larger selection than the country results I am dialed in under?”

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Microsoft offers to settle suit against Google Sep 16 2005 9:47AM GMT
Music giants sue ‘Chinese Google’ over MP3 downloads
Mail & Guardian Online Sep 16 2005 9:46AM GMT
Day 3 of 100 Search Engines in 100 Days –
About Sep 16 2005 5:01AM GMT
Google may expand in China, buy faster computers
Singapore Business Times sub Sep 16 2005 2:41AM GMT
Google’s $7B Question
Red Herring Sep 15 2005 11:41PM GMT
AOL launches podcast search
Netimperative Sep 15 2005 2:05PM GMT
Ask Jeeves Launches Blog/Feed Search in Japan
Search Engine Watch Sep 15 2005 1:58PM GMT
Baidu’s climb to No. 1 search engine in China
Los Angeles Times Sep 15 2005 1:57PM GMT
Mobile Users Will Take a Few Ads
ClickZ Today Sep 15 2005 1:53PM GMT
Rebirth of the City Portal
ClickZ Today Sep 15 2005 1:52PM GMT
SearchThis: Search & the Holiday Season
iMedia Connection Sep 15 2005 1:48PM GMT
Google Suit Sent Back to State Court
AP Sep 15 2005 1:47PM GMT
Using search for trend research
Pandia Sep 14 2005 10:08PM GMT
Yahoo launches beta of revamped Web mail
InfoWorld Sep 14 2005 8:12PM GMT
34% of Web ads belong to search ads, and 3% of search ads are paid by eBay
ZDNet Sep 14 2005 3:41PM GMT

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