A Closer Look At Google’s IPO Filing

Google has finally pulled the trigger on its long-expected initial public offering filing. Here’s a closer look at some of the numbers and facts revealed by the company as it opens itself up for the first time to public scrutiny.

In broad strokes, there are few surprises in Google’s S1 filing with the SEC. But the document does reveal some formerly closely guarded secrets, including revenues, profits, and some of the worries faced by the company as it competes with Yahoo, Microsoft, and other industry giants.

Search Engine Watch Editor Danny Sullivan takes a close look some of the most interesting facts and nuggets from the S1 filing, including:

  • Google Revenues
  • Ad Revenues Up Close
  • Google Worries
  • Google Employee Facts
  • Google Acquisitions
  • Other Google Facts
  • News Coverage & Other Resources

Google IPO To Happen, Files For Public Offering
SearchDay, Apr. 30, 2004

Note: Search Engine Forums Spotlight will run in Monday’s issue of SearchDay.

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Chinese Internet Space Sinks Again on Sohu.com Outlook…
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