Can You Purchase Text Links for Big Business Sites?

Everything in the search engine optimization world is extremely hard to justify, especially for those managing big business sites. When it comes to buying text links, it’s more and more important these days to have a solid understanding of what your program is going to do to drive the business.

So the question becomes: How do you purchase text links to your large portal and have a bulletproof explanation that the executive team will understand?

Several things must be addressed before we get into this. For example, it is imperative to know that controversial linking strategies have a short shelf life, so it’s important to have this in the back of your mind. Programs like reciprocal link popularity only lasted for a short period of time. These programs are very easy to detect by search engines, and we need to give them enough credit on the quality of work they are doing.

Paid Links

Now that reciprocal link popularity is dead and buried, it’s important to know that paid links are on their way out as well. How long do you think it will take a search engine like Google to be able to determine that links within a site’s navigation or footer appearing on every page may not be relevant? This type of pattern matching is very easy for search spiders to find and will only cause problems down the line.

Link Brokers

Now that we have this out the way, I think we should go back and think about the consequences of handing over a large sum of money to a huge link broker, possibly ruining your business with one campaign. Keep in mind that these companies are in business for the sole purpose of buying and selling links. They are very good at it, and if there is a possibility that their business may be failing, they will combat it any way possible.

Purchased Links

If you were to purchase a link to a category page within a very large Web site, you would wind up with several effects or results.

  1. The pages being linked to could move up in the index, which would be a win/win for all.
  2. The pages that are just below the category pages could move up as well, which again would help the overall purpose of the site in general.
  3. The last thing to remember is that most large Web sites with millions of pages are very difficult to track when it comes to what’s working and what’s not. Thus, it’s important to keep an eye on the entire category and make sure that all efforts are being watched on a global level.

The results mentioned above are what I like to call the bleeding effect; it’s an effect that takes the credit from one page and transfers it to many pages around the primary page. The effect could either be up or down, or even sideways or horizontal in nature.

Thus, it can be very difficult to say that a given key phrase derives a certain amount of value in revenue – especially since there is a possibility that the page can affect many other pages along the way, including but not limited to the category pages, product pages, and supporting pages. These page types will change based on the business model of each and every business. Thus, a proper tracking system must be in place to ensure that there are no major issues with understanding the spend and the revenue associated with the spend.

In conclusion, from time to time, purchasing links can add value if they are very targeted. But how long will this current SEO strategy work before it is completely weeded out like the reciprocal link popularity strategies that we see today? There will be new strategies available on an ongoing basis that will be very important to watch for. Be sure that you are ahead of the game rather than behind it.

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