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Having Trouble Believing In Crosslinking Penalties
Search Engine Watch Forums

“I find it hard to believe that the engines would neg me because I have a bunch of sites that reflect my hobbies and interests, and I crosslink between them.”

Poor Performance Key Phrases
High Rankings Forum

“Which ones convert more? If you get a low CTR (click through rate), but the ones that do click actually buy, I’d keep them. That’s a very good thing- the ad is only sending qualified traffic. Conversely, if you have great CTR’s but low sales for some ads, turn ’em off! They are burning up your budget and not converting. Click throughs are not the goal- it’s traffic that buys. Start with conversion rates and work back from there.”

Directory Wars
Webmaster World

“I find that the best directories out there are the local search ones and highly-specialised niche directories. Their value does not depend on potentially ephemeral factors such as page rank, and it is possible to monetize such a directory over the longer term.”

Local Search is just Hype
Webmaster World

“…many of those SME’s [Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises” have a much larger budget than you would expect. The budget will reflect your efforts in promoting the value to the consumer. Here’s the big kicker, the market is still in its infancy stages and anyone with basic search engine marketing skills can secure a nice little niche servicing those local SMEs.”

20 Guidelines To Create Successful Landing Pages
Search Engine Watch Forums

“In this post I would like to point out the importance of ‘landing pages’, that I consider as those pages where users get to after having clicked on a link from a search engine, a promotional email that you have sent, an advertising campaign or from any other means you are using in order to promote a product or a service.”

Google as Web King, For Now…
Webmaster World

“Has MS [Microsoft” considered building a WebOS? No news there so far. If they do, then we are talking serious competition to Google in a few years.”

Robots.txt Issue With Duplicate Content
Cre8asite Forums

“Despite the fact that the engines don’t appear in the least bit worried about it, I’d like to stop them indexing dupe content on my site. … How could I stop them indexing the trackback page without resorting to using anything other than robots.txt?”

Ad Blindness
Webmaster World

“I think that you’re all missing the point as far as ‘blindness’ is concerned and are assessing it by your own perceptions – not by the perceptions of those who see your ads in the environment they do.”

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IProspect Deal Could Ignite Agency Buying Frenzy Dec 23 2004 1:35PM GMT
Yahoo Unveils Local Job Search
Small Biz Pipeline Dec 23 2004 10:09AM GMT
Kartoo and 7Search Partner for Personalized Search Engine
Search Engine Journal Dec 23 2004 5:44AM GMT
Top AOL Searches: The top 10 apparel, footwear and accessories search requests from AOL. Search sub Dec 23 2004 5:13AM GMT
Sweden-based Cycore is granted geographic Web search patent for North America and Europe
GISUser Dec 23 2004 1:14AM GMT
MSN, MSN UK Plug-Ins For Firefox
Search Engine Watch Dec 22 2004 11:40PM GMT
Cosmic Log: Portals to science and religion
MSNBC Dec 22 2004 11:32PM GMT
Trademark owners battle search engines
InfoWorld Dec 22 2004 8:29PM GMT
Aegis Acquires iProspect for $50M
ClickZ Today Dec 22 2004 5:28PM GMT
British library preserving voice recordings of famous people on CDs
Channel NewsAsia Dec 22 2004 5:20PM GMT, Plan Directory Dec 22 2004 4:48PM GMT
Microsoft Search to be Pervasive
Internet News Dec 22 2004 4:46PM GMT
European Search Engine Reveals Expansion Plan
Computerwire (via Yahoo) Dec 22 2004 4:43PM GMT
Google Suggest Dissected
ResearchBuzz Dec 22 2004 6:59AM GMT
BitTorrent file-swapping networks face crisis
CNET Asia Dec 22 2004 6:22AM GMT

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