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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark
Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization
Issuing press releases without regard for SEO is a wasted opportunity. Combining press releases with SEO efforts can help gain presence in the editorial results of the search engines, even if it’s not a direct presence for your actual domain.
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SEW Expert - Aaron Shear Aaron
When’s an Outage More than Just an Outage?
In SEO for major sites, one of the most overlooked factors is uptime. How does an outage impact your SEO efforts?
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SEW Expert - Kevin Heisler Kevin
Google’s Sergey Brin on Local Mobile Search
In 2005, O’Reilly proclaimed it the “Year of Local Mobile Search,” but that didn’t work out. While this year may not merit that title either, Google sees 2008 as a key year in the battle for multiplatform search dominance.
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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
More Killer Keyword Techniques: Personas and Buckets
Learn how to use personas and bucket lists to create huge killer keyword lists like the pros.
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Cloud Computing Unites Yahoo, HP, Intel
Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 29, 2008

Yahoo, Intel and Hewlett Packard announced an alliance to advance “cloud computing,” backing a global trend that threatens Microsoft’s iron-fisted grip on packaged software installed on computers. Earlier this year Google and IBM teamed up to advance research into providing SAAS (software as a service) on the Internet hosted by data …
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The Real Reason No One Can Beat Google
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 29, 2008

When it comes to beating Google, many entrepreneurs attempt to have what they consider better results than Google. Whether its indexing a trillion pages, advancing semantic search, or harnessing social search, everyone’s looking for their Unique Selling Proposition. I have conducted a great deal of thinking on the matter and have …
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T. Boone Pickens Sells Entire Yahoo Stake, 10 Million Shares
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 29, 2008

I was literally in the middle of writing a post entitled “All Quiet on the Yahoo Front” when news broke about T. Boone Pickens selling off his entire stake in Yahoo. I was pondering whether or not the calm was more like a relaxing day at the spa or an eerie …
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20% of Primetime Television Now Watched Online
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 29, 2008

Online video consumption has been on the rise for a while, and now Integrated Media Measurement Inc. (IMMI) is releasing demographic and behavioral data to show the details of the trend. 20% of primetime television programming is now viewed online. The audience is comprised of 55% female and 45% male. Households …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

What is in Google’s algorithm Jul 23, 2008
Everyone has wondered, attempted to reverse engineer etc. but I think the better approach may be to list what ways we would produce the best possible results. In another post a newbie asked if a link from a high PR page was better than one from a very relevant page. I went …
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Cuil? Jul 29, 2008
So what’s the thinking on Cuil?
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SEO Consultants! Do you get paid before you start or after? Jul 21, 2008
I’m working with someone who wants to pay me monthly, but after the first month of work. I’m feeling like I should get paid before doing any work. What do you do?
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