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Balancing Efficiency and Volume in Paid Search
By Jason Tabeling
On a daily basis, paid search managers must balance efficiency and volume in an effort to meet the goals of the campaign. There is no right or wrong decision; there is only what is right for your business at that time.

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SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon

Share Your Way to Better SEO
SEO campaigns often become bottled up in silos and never reach their full potential. SEO covers many different areas of your business, so sharing information and strategies across all possible lines is not only preferable, but should be a required part of any engagement.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Selling SEO Projects Against PPC Campaigns
Search advertising is familiar and attractive to budget managers, like a trusted old friend. So how are you going to get some of that PPC budget for your SEO proposal?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

YouTube Launches Call-to-Action Overlay
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 2, 2009

YouTube is now allowing advertisers to incorporate a “Call-to-Action overlay” on their videos. With the overlay, advertisers can drive traffic to their sites where they can make purchases, sign up for email newsletters or whichever action an advertiser wishes. The Call-to-Action overlays are available for Promoted Videos only. Promoted Videos, you …
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Bing Continues Microsoft Search Share Growth in June 2009, According to StatCounter
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 2, 2009

StatCounter made news fast and furious in Bing’s first week when they offered up data showing Bing had surpassed Yahoo! in search. And now they’re making a splash again by quickly releasing data for the whole month of June. Overall, things are relatively steady, but there’s an ever-so-slight increase in Microsoft …
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Facebook adding payment platform?
Posted by Herndon Hasty Jul 2, 2009

Chris Crum at has pieced together some very interesting pieces of information regarding Facebook, a former Googler and a new payment system. Facebook in May announced that it was testing a new payments system that would deal in real money, rather than virtual currencies that it had been using for …
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Want Twitter publicity? Just enough so you won’t go hungry?
Posted by Byron Gordon Jul 2, 2009

If you are searching for a good current “real-time” example of how twitter can help publicize your cause celebre, look no further than the latest being tweeted out today by the likes of such “twitterers” as @wholefoods @WholeFoods – tomorrow, July 1st, is the monthly Twitter for Food event …
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Bing, ChaCha Launch User-Generated Content Contests
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 2, 2009

Get out your cameras, it’s time for a couple of search-related contests. If you enjoy the large images Bing features everday on its homepage, now you have the chance to see one of your images featured on the brand spankin’ new decision engine. Bing is holding a photo contest where …
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Overstock Drops Affiliates in NC, RI, HI and CA
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 2, 2009

Overstock is the next company to drop affiliate programs in states considering or having passed affiliate nexus bills. While North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Hawaii affiliates are already seeing programs dropped by Amazon and Blue Nile, this time California affiliates are also getting the boot. “It’s painful to have to terminate …
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Google Toolbar for IE Gets Advanced Translation
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 2, 2009

Google has updated their Toolbar for the Internet Explorer browser to make language translation easier. Instead of manually copying and pasting text into Google Translate, the Toolbar now automatically detects if a language is different from the one set as your default. Google will then serve up a message saying it …
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SES San Jose Offers Conference Sessions for First Time Attendees
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 2, 2009

I’ve been attending SES San Jose every year since 2003. And each year a healthy proportion of attendees are attending their first search engine marketing conference ever. This is healthy because it expands the number of marketers who “get it.” I can’t tell you the number of times when prospective …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Microformats? Jun 30, 2009
Has any body embed microformats in your website? And if yes then can you share your website raking experience here so that others also can use it to better their site ranking on Google. Thanks in advance!
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Page Rank Sculpting? Jun 25, 2009
Google has recently made changes in its algorithm which is ‘No More Page Rank Sculpting’. Means balancing the page rank of your internal site links using Nofollow is the bad practice Now but I am still not clear with this change in algorithm. Can anyone explain it widely to understand …
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Backlinks vs Bounce rate Jun 24, 2009
I always thought bounce rate and visitor trending should be one of the key factors for your search engine rankings . It should be given more importance than links. Thanks varun
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