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SEW Expert - Herndon Hasty Herndon

Putting the ‘Search’ in Research
Knowing your customer is critical to reaching them effectively, and creating the ideal environment to convert them into buyers. Fortunately, your search efforts provide a great platform for learning about your customers through publically available data and inexpensive testing opportunities.
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SEW Expert - Eric Enge Eric

Differentiate Yourself for SEO Success
One big key to success in the world of SEO is differentiation. Showing your partners and customers how you stand out from your competitors can substantially improve your chances of success, and may soon be essential for your survival.
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SEW Expert - Erik Qualman Erik

Social Media for B2B
Many executives incorrectly believe that social media isn’t applicable for their B2B company, but they’re wrong. Many of the same social media principles we preach for B2C companies can be adjusted to also apply to B2B.
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Ex-Yahoo! and Author of ‘Peanut Butter Manifesto’ Brad Garlinghouse Heads to AOL
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 8, 2009

In 2006, Brad Garlinghouse made waves at Yahoo! by releasing the “Peanut Butter Manifesto,” which outlined a bunch of organizational and administrative problems he felt Yahoo! had. As senior vice president at the time, he felt Yahoo! was spread thin and needed focus, leadership, and accountability. During the turbulence that accompanied …
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Google’s Unexplained Phenomenon: Tip To Old Video Game?
Posted by Frank Watson Sep 8, 2009

Google has been playing games with its logo and Twitter over the weekend. First came the UFO logo beaming up the second O in the Google home page (as shown below). Second came the string of numbers in Google’s Twitter post. The number string: 1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19 …
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SEW Webcast with Bill Hunt Tomorrow
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Sep 8, 2009

It’s a fact of business life: big companies often face bigger challenges. Large-scale search programs, especially those involving multiple brands or multiple countries, are inherently more complex to create and manage. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, look no further than our latest Search Engine Watch webcast, “Effectively Managing …
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Google China Head Departs
Posted by Kevin Newcomb Sep 8, 2009

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee has resigned as Google Vice President and President of Google Greater China to work with Chinese start-ups at a new company he founded, Innovation Works. Innovation Works will concentrate on Internet, mobile Internet, and cloud computing technology advancements targeted at the Greater China market, and build “dream …
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SES Brings SEM and SEO Training Workshops to London
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 8, 2009

SES holds search engine marketing and search engine optimization training workshops one the days before and after its major conferences on both sides of the pond. But SES is also bringing in SEM and SEO experts to teach full- and half-day of SEM and SEO training workshops in London …
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ABC News Nightline Story Looks at NACA’s Save the Dream Tour
Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 8, 2009

Last night, the incredible success of the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) was featured on Nightline on ABC News. Entitled “The Financial Terrorist,” the story went on the frontlines to Cleveland, Ohio, with NACA CEO Bruce Marks, “a man trying to restore the American Dream.” It’s worth noting that …
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Italian Regulators Expand Investigation to Google, Inc.
Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 8, 2009

So much for hoping that Italian regulators would see how newspaper publishers were contradicting themselves. The probe into Google’s Italian news site is now expanding to Google’s main search engine. Italian newspaper publishers are saying that Google is using their material to generate online advertising revenue on the News search site, …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Relative values of search engine positions Sep 6, 2009
Is there any reasonably accepted ranking of the value of search engine result positions? For example, if position #1 is given a value of 1, what’s the value of the #2 position? 0.5? Is this table of relative values from ( considered meaningful?
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Sitemap not being read completely Sep 7, 2009
Is it normal for google to only read ˜ 30% of your site map? I had to break up the file in order to fit googles limitations. However, no matter what file google is reading the webmaster tools only show around 30% of my sitemap being read. I thought the …
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robot.txt not in root. Problem? Sep 7, 2009
I used a third part vendor to set up my shopping cart. I have been reviewing how they set up the robot.txt file and found something strange. On the server you can see that it isn’t in the root directory. Instead, they have put the file in a skins sub …
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