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Google Click-To-Call
Webmaster World

“I’m completely sold. If I search locally for ‘barber in Toronto’ and see a click-to-call button, I WILL use it.”

What You Need to Know Re: Holiday Season Traffic
Search Engine Forums

“…do be aware that bids tend to go up during the holiday season so maximizing your sales may require higher spending levels than other times of the year.”

Google Running Ads At Bottom Of Search Engine Results Pages
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Just like Yahoo, Google’s beginning to run ads at the top and bottom of search results pages.”

Is Top 30 Good Enough?
High Rankings Forum

“I’d say good but not good enough. But the fact that it is already ranked around third to fourth pages shows it has the ability to go up further.”

Not Effected By Any Google Updates
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Highly competitive or even moderately competitive keyword phrases are the ones that experience the volatility from updates, not non-competitive keyword phrases.”

Anyone Use MSN Search As The First Choice?
Cre8asite Forums

“I’ve found that quite a few people in Australia use it. Usually because it’s the default home page when their computer is set up (ninemsn).”

How to Identify a Scraper Site

“I sort of know that scraper sites exist and I’ve got a vague idea what they do. But I have no idea how to identify them and I don’t really know what the impact on our sites would be.”

Web Site Theme, Product theme changes
High Rankings Forum

“Does the theme of the web site really come into the picture or is it that each web page is individually ranked according to that individual page’s theme?”

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BBC Nov 27 2005 5:17PM GMT
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Wall Street Journal (Free) Nov 27 2005 5:15PM GMT
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Pandia Nov 27 2005 5:14PM GMT
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Customize Google
Pandia Nov 27 2005 5:10PM GMT
Ask Jeeves Adds Multimedia Search
Search Engine Watch Nov 27 2005 5:09PM GMT
Google tests out Click-to-Call AdWords
Greg Yardley Nov 27 2005 5:08PM GMT Releases Canadian Job Search Database
Search Engine Watch Nov 27 2005 5:07PM GMT
Partnerships are key to online travel search survival Nov 27 2005 7:49AM GMT
Google Video New Playlists Feature Nov 27 2005 7:31AM GMT
Internet Search Needs New Tack in 2006
eWeek Nov 22 2005 5:04PM GMT

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