Search Engine Forums Spotlight: March 14, 2008

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

By Kevin Newcomb
March 14, 2008

What’s going on in the search industry? Find out here, with these links to some of the latest topics being discussed in our own Search Engine Watch Forums, and other search marketing forums across the Web:

Search Engine Strategies NY 2008 – Parties and Events
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Keep up-to-date with the latest plans from Becky Ryan, the new ‘Party & Events Moderator’ of Search Engine Strategies.”

Reining in the Search Engines
Cre8asite Forums
“No matter how big they are, regardless of their monopoly or oligopoly, search engines should be answerable to some regulation authority.”

Google Penalty?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Does this sound like the site has received a penalty? How long does it take for Google to reinclude the site?”

Google Analytics Data Sharing
High Rankings Forum
“So the day has finally come when Google wants to start using the massive amounts of data they have via Google Analytics. It’s nice they’re at least giving everyone a heads up and a choice in the matter, but it does leave one to wonder if they’re going to start using Google Analytics data as part of the SERP algorithm.”

Client Content Practices
Cre8asite Forums
“When clients start to see just how much work is needed to be effective, they find that they don’t really want to be creating content.”

Search-Friendly Content Management Systems
High Rankings Forum
“Is there a CMS that really has been proven to allow bots to crawl in and around your pages?”

Does Your Business Qualify for Local SEO?
Cre8asite Forums
“If you serve globally, but also have a physical location from which you can serve locally, Local SEO can be used as a form of keyword expansion that will get you ranking for additional terms that do relate to your business.”

AdSense Income Dropping?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Many publishers are reporting a drop in income from AdSense in recent weeks. What’s behind it is up for debate.”

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