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Google Offer Takes on PayPal
Webmaster World
“…we’ve had such a positive response from merchants that we decided to extend the offer through the end of 2007. From now through December 31, 2007, we’ll process all of your Checkout transactions for free.”

Click Fraud from Competitors?
Search Engine Watch Forums
“Couldn’t Google make it so that you could only get charged for one click per day from the same URL? Wouldn’t that help eliminate click fraud from competitors?”

Matt Cutts On Having Lots Of Sites
Webmaster World
“At Las Vegas PubCon, Google’s Matt Cutts stirred up a few questions by quickly identifying 50 other sites owned by one webmaster in a site review session.”

Keeping a Changelog – for when Google (or any) trouble strikes
Webmaster World
“What do you do when troubles show up? Keeping a website changelog can be one of the best disciplines you ever put in place for that rainy day. …members discuss what changes should always be logged.”

Secured Server and SEO?
SEO Chat Forums
“…asking if https:// is treated any different than http:// by the search engines?”

How To Obtain A Gov Tld Backlink
Cre8asite Forums
“Does anyone have any ideas on how I could obtain a link from a .gov site?”

MySpace Page Helps When Site Is In 300’s On Google
WebProWorld Forum
“Now I have a great doorway on Google and I am hoping that it will help my main site advance over the next couple of months. Has anyone else seen a MySpace page help with exposure on Google?”

What’s Your Top Tip for Running a Directory?
Digital Point Forums
“Got a top tip for running a directory? Techniques for processing links? Ways of tackling spam?”

I’ve Been Using Duplicate (stolen) Content
High Rankings Forum
“I’ve been using stolen content since more than 1 year. A freelance copywriter sold it to me as original content and I was dumb enough to not check it online for authenticity. I have 10 articles like this on my website, Copyscape sees 50% of the content in each article as stolen. They are all optimized for my targeted keyword. What can I do now? I’m afraid to simply remove the pages because they are all being ranked by Google and that will leave me with almost no content.”

Accessibility Basics
Webmaster World
“I thought I would share some of the things I do to make my sites more accessible. You will get CSS ‘tricks’ to help you build cross browser site more easily as well as some accessibility basics.”

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