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Amazon’s New Search Enters Beta
Webmaster World

“…the more your profile develops, the smarter Amazon can be in giving you the search you want. This is competition for [Google’s” Personalized Search — Amazon already knows a ton about me, now let them start using it to customize my searching.”

Local Vs. Niche Marketing On Pay Per Click
High Rankings Forum

“In my experience, you can expect higher conversions from terms where you include a regionally targeted phrase. However, it only works if you clearly state your geographic location within your site. Advertising on now-regionally targeted terms with Google’s Regional Targeting can also deliver results.”

Why Is An On-Topic Link Important?

“And is it really?? I’ve read several threads of people talking about the importance of on-topic links. I don’t know what to think… maybe it is important, and maybe it’s not.”

Adwords and Company Names
Cre8asite Forums

“Trademark infringement is still trademark infringement, regardless of whether or not Google has proclaimed that they will ignore requests to stop the use of sales of keywords that are competitors trademarks.”

AdSense Record Low Earnings Since First of April
Webmaster World

“AdSense program members have been bristling since the first of April about poor AdSense performance. In the last 24hrs, it appears Google has either made some program changes, or simply updated the way they calculate stats.”

California Lawmaker Moves to Block Google’s Gmail
Webmaster World

“…this just underscores what a poor job [Google” has done of introducing and explaining Gmail. The April-Fool-or-not announcement was brilliant for the buzz it created, but it’s been all downhill since then. [Google” needs to start acting instead of waiting for things like this and then reacting.”

Gold in Logs
Cre8asite Forums

“…gather your log files and look at your keyword referral data. You will require a statistics package that will show you all your keyword referrals… Examine the keyword terms that you didn’t optimise for. Chances are you’ll spot a term that occurs more than once. Write another page covering this term. Optimise as usual. This is an iterative approach to SEO [search engine optimization”. It’s using your own log file as a personalised Wordtracker.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Google Drops Restrictions on AdWords; Amazon’s A9 Launches
SearchDay, Apr. 15, 2004

Google, in response to the growing litigation involving the use of third party trademarks as keyword inventory within its AdWords program, has unveiled a new policy by which it disclaims any responsibility to monitor or restrict keywords for ads served within the U.S. and Canada.

HotBot’s New Desktop Search Toolbar
SearchDay, Apr. 14, 2004

HotBot’s new Desktop Search utility not only searches the web, it indexes files and email on your computer, making them searchable as well.

Behind the Scenes at News Aggregator Topix.Net
SearchDay, Apr. 13, 2004 combines an excellent news search engine with two other hot technologies: local search and personalization.

Ask Jeeves Introduces Famous People Search
SearchDay, Apr. 12, 2004

Ask Jeeves has expanded its Smart Search feature, adding ‘direct answers’ with biographical information about famous people.

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IHT Apr 16 2004 1:46AM GMT
Researchers develop 3-D search engines for Internet…
National Post Apr 16 2004 1:39AM GMT
MSN updates searchable news site…
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Amazon risks privacy concerns with new search website…
Computer Shopper Apr 15 2004 12:34PM GMT
Yahoo to bring product-related search to Europe…
New Media Age Apr 15 2004 12:09PM GMT
Web inventor wins top technology prize…
Guardian Unlimited Apr 15 2004 11:52AM GMT
Google, Following Yahoo, Will Offer Regional Advertisements…
New York Times Apr 15 2004 10:54AM GMT
Amazon testing new search engine…
San Jose Mercury News Apr 15 2004 10:16AM GMT
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