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Can Tagging Help Search?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…I argue that we’ve had tagging of web pages for years and that the search engines don’t use that information because it’s not trustworthy. My feeling is that tagging is not somehow going to become a solution to better search relevancy even if it is ‘community driven’ for all the same reasons — it will ultimately be untrustworthy.”

Yahoo Buys Flickr
Webmaster World

“…Yahoo is not only still holding a trump card, but is also playing with a deck heavily stacked in their favor. People are not paying proper attention to Yahoo…”

Ask Jeeves Bought By IAC
High Rankings Forum

“It certainly makes me wonder if we’re going to see a Big Four instead of a Big Three in search.”

Yahoo Could Be Dropping API Access to PPC
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The various companies now using the API [application programming interface” to provide stats for ROI [return on investment” measurement may be losing that privilege soon. Individuals will still get access for a fee – but it looks like agencies and SEM [search engine marketing” companies may soon be telling their customers that they cannot give them those figures.”

BlowSearch Introduces PPC Program With Fraud Protection
Webmaster World

“The Competitor IP blocking tool was implemented to allow advertisers to protect themselves from malicious clicks. For those that are proactive in researching where traffic is coming from, like myself (yes I am an advertiser and webmaster too), this is invaluable in my book. That’s the reason we have it available.”

Deceptive Advertising in Search Results
Search Engine Watch Forums

“No, I don’t believe that organic results are advertisements. That is why I think that if you did manage to slip an advertisement into them, it would be deceptive.”

Google Placing Less Emphasis On Link Popularity?
High Rankings Forum

“…there is a rumor being circulated that they’re now placing less emphasis on link popularity. Can someone point to a credible source on this topic?”

Virtual Promote

“I’ve created a site that I am very pleased with full XHTML/CSS validates on every page looks good… The client has now commissioned a SEO company and they have basically turned round and said that all of my code needs to be changed in order to optimise it. … How can this be right.”

AdSense Publishers and Our Confused Primary Focus
Webmaster World

“An interesting thread that is a throw back to the FlyCast, Burst, DoubleClick (et al) days of banners. WebWork suggests that; ‘If AdSense is not about making money for the advertisers then it will fail.’. I read nearly that exact same quote in the FlyCast forums about six months before they packed it in.”

Eye Tracking
Cre8asite Forums

The eyetrack articles demonstrate that there are often whole chunks of the page that are not even looked at, if we do our own ‘eyetrack’ survey there may be some surprising results.

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