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Live From SES Sweden Oct. 27 – 28
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“Moderator Barry Schwartz reports Search Engine Strategies LIVE from Sweden.”

AdSense verses Affiliate Programs
Webmaster Word

“Affiliate programs and AdSense can complement each other nicely. … Using both can result in a smoother cash flow, especially on sites that have seasonal ups and downs. … On an editorially diverse site, AdSense can ‘monetize’ subtopics that might not earn income from affiliate programs.”

Google Is Now Indexing Pop-ups
Small Business Ideas Forum

“The danger with this is that while these pop-ups are legitimate HTML pages, complete with a title and other elements, they typically lack any navigational elements, so a user may not know where they are or how to get to the rest of the site.”

Redirects, Frames And Cloaking
High Rankings Forum

“I would like to know how I can tell if a site uses redirects, frames and/or cloaking. Is there a tool that can check for this or must it all be done by hand? If it must all be done by hand please what do I look for as I am not a designer.”

Terrified of Google?
Webmaster World

“As an AdWords advertiser and an AdSense user I think its a pretty good thing that they’re keeping the third party publishers on their toes. After all, it’s not Google who gets hurt by invalid clicks, it’s us advertisers.”

Directories That Talk To You
Cre8asite Forums

“Well I think we need to admire Click4Choice for trying something new. Today with so much of the market being dominated by the larger search engines and directories the little guy has to be innovative.”

Do You Avoid Content Targeted Listings?
Webmaster World

“…if you are doing AdWords for your own site (as opposed to an affiliate campaign or for a client that pays per conversion), you also have to consider the branding effect. That’s YOUR url, your brand, on thousands and thousands of pages.”

Image Ads On Google Adwords
High Rankings Forum

“I have an image ad running concurrently with text ads. This month the image ad was served less than 1% of the time. Generally speaking, the CTR was about the same. The image CPC was about 20% cheaper than the text.”

The Right way to Count Links?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“If you were to speak to a client about obtaining links for them, what would be the best way to determine how many links they would need to beat their competitor? Can you stop by looking at the back links from the Google toolbar? That would seem to be just a bit too easy.”

Too Many Links Too Fast
High Rankings Forum

“What is too many? What is too fast? Is this only for new sites? What happens if you are an older site and want to start a marketing campaign? Does the site then get sandboxed? Do you get out of the sandbox with your links still in tact and counting?”

Temporal Link Analysis
Search Engine Watch Forums

“The general analogy in the sense that link citation is analogous to literature citation makes no sense. Literature citation is driven by peer reviews and editorial policies. On the Commercial Web, where anyone can buy or sell links, add or delete links at will, link citation is mostly driven by commercial and vested interests and strategic alliances of all kind.”

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