SearchDay Week In Review

What’s it Going to Take to Beat Google?
SearchDay, June 12, 2003

These days, the most popular tech parlor game after guessing Google’s IPO date is speculating what it will take knock the company off its throne as web search champ.

GuruNet: A Handy Information Magnet
SearchDay, June 11, 2003

Need a quick fact, or a simple answer to a question? Forget search engines: GuruNet brings you the information you need while you’re working with any application running on your computer.

The Future of Search Engine Marketing
SearchDay, June 10, 2003

What does 2003 and beyond hold in the constantly changing world of search engine marketing? A panel of industry experts looked into their crystal balls to provide some guidance.

To Google, and Other Internet Neologisms
SearchDay, June 9, 2003

Google’s lawyers don’t like it, but the search engine’s name has become a generonym, a brand name that people use as a generic word for searching. The word Google itself is a neologism, a variation on the huge number, a googol.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Questions for GoogleGuy – Part 2 – The Answers
Webmaster World
“I basically got an itch to post a bunch tonight, and the mods [moderators” quickly made a post-only thread without any advance warning from me.”

Search Marketing Basics
The I-Search Discussion List
“A crash course in some basics regarding how to know if my site is indexed well (and if not, how to figure out why) would be wonderful if you all have the time.”

SEO Snake Oil
Search Engine Forums
“We help our clients establish relationships to their market. This is the same function as in television or print media. We must not use deceptive methods to accomplish this. It does great harm to the whole process.”

The Google Gap – The Web According to Google
Webmaster World
“…user’s choice of search engines is always the better corrective than any regulations. User’s choices will regulate…”

Are “alt” Tags on the Way Out
Webmaster World
“…you should still use alt tags — they are useful for people with visual problems and other search engines – including Google might use them in the future.”

SEO [Search Engine Optimization” Person Wanted for Biz Opp Now
ihelpyou Forums
“When other marketing mediums such as newspapers/magazines start offering free advertising in return for a share of profits – I might do the same. Until then – forget it!”

Getting Started, Please Help
Cre8asite Forums
“If possible, try to do most of the web promotion and optimization yourself. Read through lots of threads here, and in other forums.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Internet pioneers Afghans enjoy cyber cafe culture after years of war
BBC Jun 13 2003 12:26PM GMT
Supreme Court Ends Battle Jun 13 2003 10:37AM GMT
CMGI posts profit on AltaVista sale
Boston Globe Jun 13 2003 10:36AM GMT
Zombie parody defence wins dispute
Demys Jun 13 2003 10:24AM GMT
Sprint PCS opens EarthLink portal
CNET Jun 12 2003 7:31PM GMT
Web designer charged with hijacking Al-Jazeera site Jun 12 2003 2:44PM GMT
FTC: Blame Foreigners for Spam
Wired News Jun 12 2003 9:40AM GMT
Espotting unveils new search partners
Netimperative Jun 12 2003 9:39AM GMT
Yahoo Shopping leads shopping/rewards sites, Hitwise reports Jun 12 2003 8:40AM GMT
Interrupting a Web Search to Take a Quick Call
New York Times Jun 12 2003 6:30AM GMT
Whither Netscape?
PC Magazine Jun 12 2003 5:35AM GMT
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) vs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
High Rankings Jun 12 2003 4:01AM GMT
Has Google Ruined the Web?
PC Magazine Jun 12 2003 4:00AM GMT
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