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SEW Expert - Elisabeth Osmeloski Elisabeth
Travel Brands Walking a Social Media Tight Rope
As if major airlines don’t have enough trouble these days, two well-known brands are in the midst of a very public online reputation management crisis. Internal corporate communications must catch up to the new platform — and fast. We’re still seeing effects of internal PR groups attempting to control the conversations, and put forth very specific messaging. It simply doesn’t work in this new social environment.
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SEW Expert - Chris Boggs Chris
SES Chicago 2008 Invitation and Primer
An exciting agenda, several SEM experts, great speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities await in Chicago for the Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo. Will we see you there?
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SEW Expert - David Szetela David
The Account Quality Score: Money Pit for the Uninformed
In Google AdWords, an ad’s Quality Score calculation is based on how well the account’s campaigns have performed over time, especially in terms of CTR. So what happens with new accounts? Since there’s no CTR data on which to base QS, how does Google determine minimum bids?
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SEW Expert - Sage Lewis Sage
Obama’s Link Strategy Fuels Election Victory
Internet link love proves more powerful than old-school politics in the 2008 election, thanks in part to a visionary social networking election strategy. What can we learn about online marketing from studying presidential politics?
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Ballmer Says No to Yahoo Acquisition, Maybe to Search Deal
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 7, 2008

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has responded to Jerry Yang’s comments about being open to a Microsoft acquisition. Speaking to a group of developers in Sydney, he dismissed the option of an outright acquisition, but remained open to a search deal. Though, even that didn’t sound particularly promising: We made an offer… …
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Google Search Quality Team Talks Field Studies
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 7, 2008

Over at the Official Google blog, Dan Russell of the Search Quality team, has written a lengthy post on field studying search behavior. One of the things Russell discovered is that there is often a disparity between what people say they’re searching for and what they actually do search for. There’s …
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Microsoft Goes after the Verizon Default Search Deal
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 7, 2008

Microsoft is attempting to pull the rug out from under Google’s talks with Verizon to be the default search engine on its mobile phones. And they’re doing so by dishing out the dough. It’s no secret that Microsoft has a bunch of cash on hand. They’ve been using some of it …
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Google Help Forums Being Converted to New System
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 7, 2008

Google is converting their Help Forums to a new system. The new features include: improved search results, including posts from current and new forumsthe ability to designate especially helpful forum members as “Top Contributors”a reputation and ranking systemthe ability for users, Top Contributors and Googlers to mark questions as answeredeasier access …
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Live Search Maps Enables Photosynth Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 7, 2008

The Live Search Maps team has made it easier for you to search for Photosynths. If you’re not familiar, Photosynth was launched earlier this year and users can take multiple photos of a location and have it mashed up into a 3D image. Now, if you want to find Photosynths of …
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Google’s Blogger Launches New Reactions Feature
Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 7, 2008

Blogger has released a cool new feature that lets readers offer quick responses. It’s called Reactions, and it allows bloggers to create a variety of responses for their readers to choose. One possible implementation of the feature looks like this: You’re not limited to “LOL” or “Fail.” You can set your …
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Bill Tancer of Hitwise Analyzes Economy on SES Webcast
Posted by Greg Jarboe Nov 7, 2008

Just a quick reminder, Bill Tancer, the General Manager of Research at Hitwise and one of the keynote speakers at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, will be interviewed by Matt McGowan, Global VP of Marketing at Incisive Media, during an SES Webcast today, Nov. 7, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. EDT / …
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Why does ad content get indexed? Nov 7, 2008
I see this alot. In our analytics and in searches I find organic rankings for sites based on Adcenter ads. For example do a search for any company name you are advertising with, that would be in your display URL, and you get a number of results from where your …
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How can I find out who is linking to my site? Nov 7, 2008
What is the best way to find out who is linking to my site? And is there a way to find out when a site’s link is going to appear as paid to google. For example i have found that many sites have a recip link form for viewers to …
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Directory submission tools, good or bad idea to use?? Nov 6, 2008
Hi, I suppose like most business i would like to increase m site’s presence in the directories, going from one directory to another is very time consumming an which directory to go to etc. There lots of offers for softwares assisting in submitting to directories, and some mad number of directories too, …
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