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The Switch Is Official
Webmaster World

“Hmmm. I take it the doom-prophets who have for years been saying that the day Yahoo drops Google they will be finished are now possibly reconsidering their positions!”

What’s The Next Step With Search Engines
High Rankings Forum

“Regarding the new competition in the search industry, I personally think that is a good thing. I also don’t think it will be a detriment to the rollout of new and better features whatsoever. Instead of the development sector of one dominant player being able to take their good old time coming up with the next ‘killer’ innovation, now they’ll be forced to throw development into high gear…”

Google and Semantic Web Search
Webmaster World

“The goal of a good search engine should be both to understand what a document is really about, and to understand (from a very short query) what a user really wants. And then match those things as well as possible.”

Confused – Listed Good In Inktomi/Yahoo But Now…

“Why are we doing so poorly in the new Yahoo if we did so well in Yahoo and Inktomi before yesterday?”

Yahoo Renames Spider
Webmaster World

“Yahoo will be modifying its web-indexing robot (crawler) user-agent to reflect our company name. This is the crawler we use to build a searchable index for the Yahoo search services. To ensure consistency and minimal disruption, we will continue to maintain the ‘Slurp’ name within our web crawler user agent and continue to support ‘Slurp’ as part of any robots.txt files that references this.”

Lots of Clicks But NO Conversions
Webmaster World

“Relevancy is your friend. Bring people to EXACTLY what they clicked on.”

Overuse of Keywords
Cre8asite Forums

“It is incredibly easy to write 250 words or more that are specific to a product, and more importantly, you’ll get better sales from doing so. Anything I can’t immediately see from a picture (including scale, materials, how hard-wearing, textures, etc, etc) that I’d see instantly if the product were actually physically in front of me have to be explained in words.”

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SearchDay Week in Review

Easy Power Searching with Google
SearchDay, Feb. 19, 2004

Soople is an elegant control console for Google’s many powerful advanced features, bringing them all together in a well-designed, easy to use interface.

Yahoo Birth of a New Machine
SearchDay, Feb. 18, 2004

Yahoo is launching a brand new search engine today, with its own index and ranking mechanisms, casting aside its long-standing use of Google-powered search results. The move is bound to roil the industry and sets in motion a new race for the claim of web search champion.

Changes Afoot at Yahoo & MSN
SearchDay, Feb. 17, 2004

Search engine marketers have long been awaiting changes at Yahoo and MSN. Finally, signs of transition are beginning to appear.

Search Headlines

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Research Buzz Feb 20 2004 9:15AM GMT
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ZDNet UK Feb 20 2004 8:35AM GMT
Overture joins local search market…
Australian IT Feb 20 2004 6:13AM GMT
FTC Assures No Scam in ‘No-Spam’ Copycat Site… Feb 20 2004 6:06AM GMT
Lies, Damned Lies, and Google… Feb 20 2004 6:05AM GMT
Metamend Feeds Next Generation of Internet Search Engines… Feb 20 2004 1:52AM GMT
Yahoo dumps Google for web searches…
New Scientist Feb 19 2004 11:34PM GMT
W3C risks patent tussle in standard push…
CNET Feb 19 2004 9:16PM GMT
Blog at your own risk…
USA Today Feb 19 2004 2:21PM GMT
Possible Google IPO closely watched…
Boston Globe Feb 19 2004 1:40PM GMT
Teenager’s web search reveals he was kidnap victim…
BBC Feb 19 2004 12:23PM GMT
RIAA accused of Al Capone style racketeering… Feb 19 2004 11:46AM GMT
Yahoo, Google split fuels search competition… Feb 19 2004 11:38AM GMT
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