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Click Fraud Suit Filed Against Search Engines
Search Engine Watch Forums

“…the Wall Street Journal has news of — if certified — what will probably be the first class action suit filed over click fraud. The case is being lead by Lane’s Gifts & Collectibles out of Arkansas and is involves Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, AOL, Walt Disney, Lycos and FindWhat.”

Bookmarks Seen by Search Engines?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“This is probably the single biggest reason for Google to build its own browser. If search engines can analyze bookmarks, that is a better indicator of popularity over linking. MSN already has a browser so they would be wise to be working on this already… a big head start if you ask me.”

Linearization, Tokenization, Filtration, and Stemming
High Rankings Forum

“…I was wondering if some body can guide me as to where I can possibly read to understand the concepts…”

Of Sandboxes and Toolbars: Google’s New Patent Application
Cre8asite Forums

“…thought that it would be a good idea to break down the patent step-by-step and see what lurks underneath all of the legal language.”

Attaining Quality Ranks on MSN Search
Webmaster World

“So what do you think is the issue here? How do they get page 1 rank 1 for this keyword, and yet they have very little obvious density etc. Heck they don’t even have they meta tags setup correctly!”

High/Low Bandwidth Version of a Site: Spamming?
Virtual Promote

“I was wondering if creating a high-bandwidth (Flash-based, bells and whistles) and a low-bandwidth (straight HTML/CSS) of the same Web site to accommodate users needs/wants would be seen as spamming by search engines?”

Google Dynamically Changing Page Titles
Search Engine Watch Forums

“It’s not your imagination. Your page titles may be changing dynamically depending on what terms your pages rank for in Google. What’s the alternative source to your HTML title tag? Seems to be the ODP.”

Google Say AdBrite Ads Are Allowed on the Same Page as AdSense
Webmaster World

“Our policy on not displaying ads alongside ads from other contextual networks remains the same. For clarification- ads that are sold directly by the publisher are ok to display with AdSense, which would include AdBrite.”

Keyword Density Analysis Nonsense
Search Engine Watch Forums

“In the latest issue of e-marketing-news, Search Engine Watch forum moderator Orion (Dr. E. Garcia) writes an article about ‘The Keyword Density of Non-Sense.’ Will it change the way you do optimisation, forever?”

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