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Today’s SearchDay features search and search marketing headlines from around the web.

Microsoft Seeks Search-Engine Trademark
TechWeb Mar 1 2006 7:51PM GMT
Microsoft Live Expo Joins Google Base in Going after eBay Mar 1 2006 5:31PM GMT
Google nudes
Fortune Mar 1 2006 5:14PM GMT
Google News goes mobile
InfoWorld Mar 1 2006 5:09PM GMT
Microsoft says better than Google soon
Reuters Mar 1 2006 4:53PM GMT
Search Engines Are At the Center Of Privacy Debate
Information Week Mar 1 2006 4:35PM GMT
Google Tries to Make Nice
Business Week Mar 1 2006 4:28PM GMT
Retail’s Two Worlds: Tips on Integrating Online and Offline Channels
destinationCRM Mar 1 2006 3:52PM GMT
Analysis: Google Comes Out of Beta Phase
PC Magazine Mar 1 2006 3:40PM GMT
Power could cost more than servers, Google warns
ZDNet India Mar 1 2006 2:25PM GMT
Google talks about operating in China Mar 1 2006 2:15PM GMT
ComScore: Search Growth Plummets
Media Post Mar 1 2006 12:20PM GMT
Now Google’s cooking
San Francisco Chronicle Mar 1 2006 12:02PM GMT
Google’s growth hitting a wall?
San Francisco Chronicle Mar 1 2006 11:57AM GMT
Google reveals the secret of its stellar growth
PC Magazine UK Mar 1 2006 11:25AM GMT
Microsoft Opens Up Beta of Classifieds Site
ClickZ Today Feb 28 2006 10:07PM GMT
Nike Mash-up Combines Run London with Google Maps
ClickZ Today Feb 28 2006 6:01PM GMT

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