SearchDay: Taming the Placement-Targeted Campaign Beast

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Search Engine Watch Expert - David Szetela
Placement-Targeted Campaigns: Taming the Beast
» CONTENT ADVERTISING: Learn key differences between search and contextual ad campaigns
Having trouble with Google AdWords placement-targeted campaigns? Learn the secrets of getting those stalled campaigns off the ground, churning out conversions like the best search campaigns.
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Microsoft Puts New Yahoo Deal on Table
Posted by Kevin Heisler
Microsoft released a statement on Sunday that it has made an alternative offer to Yahoo that wouldn’t entail a full acquisition.
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Yahoo Quick To Reply To New Microsoft Statements
Posted by Frank Watson
Yahoo has replied to reinforce Microsoft’s confirmation of not wanting to buy “all of Yahoo” – but that it may be interested in doing something with Yahoo.
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AOL Completes Bebo Acquisition
Posted by Nathania Johnson
AOL has announced the completion of its acquisition of Bebo, a social network based in the UK.
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Is the AOL Brand Associated with Old School Web?
Posted by Frank Watson
Seems the folks over at Time Warner have finally realized that the AOL brand does not have any impact in the niched content space. But is AOL mired in the thoughts of web users as that “old internet dialup service” as some of the Time Warner staff believe?
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YouTube Adds Query Suggestions for Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson
YouTube has announced the addition of query suggestions for search: search suggestions that pop up once you start typing a query.
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Google Content Network Expands Ad Network
Posted by Nathania Johnson
Get ready for third-party display ads on Google’s content network.
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Forget The Video Camera: Twitter Your Child’s Birth
Posted by Frank Watson
In what may be the ultimate use of social media, Adam Audette is twittering the birth of his child.
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Search: The Next Five Years
Posted by Mike Grehan
What I’d like to do is invite as many readers and forum members to get involved in a lengthy dialogue not just a short SEO is dead debate, as that has had its day.
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Image Optimisation & Blended Search
Posted by CaliforniaGirl
When optimising images (ALT, URL, filename, captions, surrounding text), does the actual location of the image factor?
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Google Health Official Launch
Posted by beu
Google Health is officially launching right now during Google Factory Tour at Google.
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