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Dear Matt Cutts, I Want To Know About…
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Danny Sullivan is doing a special edition of the Daily SearchCast podcast at the Googleplex with Matt Cutts? Questions for MC Spamhammer? Let’s have ’em.”

What Do You Think Of Google Co-op? Future Spam Central?
Search Engine Watch Forums

“Google Co-Op is now live, a new way for anyone to tag or label the web. What do you think? The way to relevancy improvement or an invitation for spammers?”

404 Page Redirects to the Home Page
Cre8asite Forums

“I have a client whose 404 page redirects to the homepage and would like to know if it can have any negative impact on the robots behaviour. It does return a response code 404 but there is a javascript redirection whenever someone lands on a wrong page.”

Yahoo and Telemundo in Online Deal to Grab More Latino Internet Users
Webmaster World

“Yahoo Inc. and Telemundo announced plans to combine their U.S. Spanish-language websites Wednesday, a move they hope will help capture a larger part of a rapidly expanding Latino online audience.”

Google Trends

High Rankings Forum – “Google Trends aims to provide insights into broad search patterns. It is based upon just a portion of our searches, and several approximations are used when computing your results…”

Two Emerging SEO Certification Programs
Small Business Ideas Forum

“From a business and consumer’s point of view, the lack of professional oversight or certification in the search engine optimization field can present problems when deciding with whom to risk advertising dollars.”

Are Meta Tags Still Necessary, Helpful?
Search Engine Watch Forums

Meta tags. Can’t live with them; can’t live without them! Well, sure you can — but you might find the meta description tag in particular is still worth using. A revisit to one of SEOs long standing issues.”

Yahoo Announces New Search Advertising Platform Is Coming
Search Engine Watch Forums

“We’ve had leaks about Yahoo’s plans for its new ad system before –now Yahoo itself is talking about details of what’s coming later this year.”

AB Split-Testing and the Search Engine Results Pages
Small Business Ideas Forum

“Similar to a ‘traditional’ AB split-test where a single page element is rotated in and out of the visitors’ experience in order to determine whether that element has an impact on, say, conversions, I was thinking about attempting to determine the impact of different domain names on the visitor.”

Microsoft Invests in Analytics Firm DeepMetrix
Webmaster World

“Microsoft has not only built adCenter to deliver innovative reporting capabilities, but also announced that it had acquired DeepMetrix Corp…”

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Study: Goodbye Purchase Funnel, Hello ‘Tumbler’
ClickZ Today May 11 2006 7:33PM GMT
Google moves into virtual worlds
CNN May 11 2006 6:02PM GMT
First Look: Google Trends
ResearchBuzz May 11 2006 5:20PM GMT
Google to buy cage-free eggs, uses clout to free hens
San Jose Mercury News reg May 11 2006 3:59PM GMT
Google Trends: a great time-waster
Guardian Unlimited May 11 2006 3:02PM GMT
Gadzooks! Google Gadgets Get Going
Extreme Tech May 11 2006 1:46PM GMT
Google APIs And Their Map Apps
Internet News May 11 2006 10:57AM GMT
Google keeps eye on Vista search May 11 2006 7:43AM GMT
Google’s Multimedia Ambitions
ClickZ Today May 11 2006 5:39AM GMT
Adding Real-Time Info to Local Searches
Internet News May 11 2006 4:22AM GMT
Livesearch on AlltheWeb
Pandia May 11 2006 3:58AM GMT
Latest Search Trend: Less Than Optimal
Media Post May 10 2006 9:39PM GMT
Little by little, Google’s window on the desktop widens
San Jose Mercury News reg May 10 2006 9:28PM GMT
New Google products emphasise search core
PC Magazine UK May 10 2006 9:27PM GMT
Google unveils new applications
ZDNet May 10 2006 9:01PM GMT

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